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Originally Posted by natas View Post
Another update for you guys. I called the CA office yesterday and today to check on my Livewires. They must have some new people or other employees answering the phone. Sarah is no where to be found, and now Martha is dealing with the phone calls. I've called around 1pm my time (11am CA time) and got through to Martha on the 3 or 4th ring. She was on the other line and asked my number so she could call me back. Sure enough 30 mins had passed and she did call me.

Sound like every morning they receive an email from the manufacture on the Livewires that are shipping that day to the CA office (they get them next day from the manufacture). On Monday, the email list was blank, so she said to call back in the afternoon since the manufacture messed up the list. I did around 6pm my time and she answered the phone and said the list was sent, but my name was not on it. She said she was expecting my Livewires any day now and to call back tomorrow. I called today and my name was on the list!!! She said that she will get my Livewires on Wed and then ship them out. I paid for 2 day shipping, so I asked to be upgraded to next day since I waited 8 weeks for them. She said that would not be a problem and to expect my Livewires on Thursday. Sounds like FedEx sends you an email with the tracking number once they get it.

Some info I've learned the past couple of weeks.

1) Call either after the rush of just getting into the office or towards the end of the day. I've had good luck calling around 10:30 to 11am or 3pm to 5pm California time. They answer the phone on the first couple of rings.

2) My name was put on a priority list, probably since I kept calling and calling bugging them. Martha said "we are about done with the priority items, so your Livewires should be here any day now". I'm not sure if they will keep the priority list, but something you might want to ask about if your needing your buds right away.

3) If you have waited a long period of time for your Livewires, I would ask for them to ship next day instead of what you paid for (unless you paid for next day)

Hopefully my Livewires get here on Thursday and they fit!!!

The saga continues. Talked to Martha yesterday. She had my Livewires in her hand (that's what she said) and she was going to ship them out next day to me to arrive today. I asked if there was any tracking info, and she said once they enter it into the system, FedEx should send you an email with the details. I checked my email last night around 10pm, 8pm CA time and guess what, no email from FedEx. Then again this morning, no email. I called Livewires, left a phone message, and then emailed them. They must of changed their voicemail because it's not the same message I've been getting the past couple of months. Has anybody else noticed this? I double checked the number and have called many times just to confirm, so that throws up a red flag right there. I did have them upgrade me to next day from two day which they agreed to do, so we'll see if they actually came next day. Why can't this company do anything right? I would think sending an email with tracking info would not be that hard to get correct? Plus when I called to verify they actually had my buds and were going to send them out next day, it took Martha at least 10 mins to go through her paper work to find my order and then confirm she actually had them. What are they communicating on, a typewriter? I see in a previous email John said they were sending out 160 pairs yesterday. I wonder if the workmanship has suffered since they are just trying to push as many out the door as possible to get customers off their back. More updates when I actually get my buds in the mail.
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They arrived!!!

They arrived!!! Finally! They fit nice and tight but I'm having some soreness on my left ear after wearing them for only a few mins. Might have to have that looked at after a while if it continues. I'm going to have to let my ears get use to them before making any decisions, but they sound great! Here are my pics...

Livewires Pic 1

Livewires Pic 2

Livewires Pic 3
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Originally Posted by natas View Post
They arrived!!! Finally! They fit nice and tight but I'm having some soreness on my left ear after wearing them for only a few mins. Might have to have that looked at after a while if it continues. I'm going to have to let my ears get use to them before making any decisions, but they sound great!
Cool !! I hope u will enjoy it, and i'm looking forward to order it but have no idea which factory should i placed the order to. Anybody suggestion ?
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I'm heading to the Nashville office on Monday to get some made
I'm looking into getting the triple drivers
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Keep us informed please! Triple drivers sounds wicked You'll be the first here
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I just got back from getting impressions done at the Nashville office a little bit ago.
Catherine and Earl Neal are some of the nicest people you will ever buy something from. I ended up talking to Catherine for a decent amount of time about a lot of stuff going on with the company, and other things like the new triple driver monitors.
Regarding the differences between the CA and TN offices, they are two separate companies:

-CA office is now EarPeace Technologies
The Official LiveWires - Custom Fit In-Ear Earphones

-TN office is In Ear Systems Inc.
In Ear Systems, Inc. . . . Custom In Ear Monitor Systems . . . Sales and Rentals

When I asked her about all the shipping delays and problems going on over at the CA office she said she really wished she could tell me what was going on there, but they are not in contact with them at all. She said that she gets calls all the time from customers who placed orders with the CA office and they complain to her about how people cannot get a hold of John or anyone in CA, but she cannot do anything about it. She's read some threads on forums about the problems going on and the fitment issues involved with CA's monitors, and she said that it is very very rare to ever have problems with their monitors. John tells people to just sand them down if they do not fit right, but this will just void the warranty...not the greatest way to sell a product.
Catherine also said that they are still getting their casings made from the same original manufacturer, and does not know what the CA office is doing for manufacturing. Both companies are getting their drivers manufactured by Knowles (she said that there are really only 2 manufacturers which all of the IEM companies are getting their drivers from, and that many of them are very similar..another reason to buy LW's)

Regarding the triple drivers, I ended up going with the dual drivers. When I talked to Earl I told him I was on a tight budget and did not know whether to invest in the third driver or not. He asked me what I played (lead electric guitar, no vocals) and proceeded to tell me that I would probably be better off saving the money by getting the dual driver monitors. He said that vocalists, drummers, and bass players would benefit from triple drivers a lot more than a lead guitarist who does not sing. Although he did say that he really loves them and believes they are a great product. He could have easily given me a sales pitch about how amazing they are and why I should give them the extra money for 3 drivers, but instead gave me a honest straight forward answer. Great customer service if you ask me...

Overall I had a great experience with them. It's really disappointing to see the Neal's reputation being hurt by the poor customer service happening at the CA office. Earl is the original engineer of the LiveWires product and has a lot of audio engineering experience, John is a hearing aid specialist... so I think that if any more products are put out by either company (Catherine said they are working on new products now) In Ear Systems should be the one to trust. I highly recommend them and will get back to you all when I get my monitors in.
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How much for the triple drivers?
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Since I was from out of state (no tax) and I went directly to the office I was able to get the dual driver monitors for $249.00 and a Pelican 1010 for $9.75. Total was $258.75
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Still waiting Sent an email but no response!
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dobble post
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Anyone else got this email?

Dear Matthew,

This month marks our second anniversary of building Livewires, the finest custom in-ears on the planet. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to being a part of your music for years to come. I am writing today to update you on some of the goings on here at Livewires.

We are particularly excited about our new website, (www.mylivewires) and are asking our current Livewiresusers to help us out on our testimonials page by sending us photos of you using your Livewires. If you care to include a few comments about your Livewires, we'll include those as well.

We feel that consumers of music (i.e. iPod/mp3 users) are looking for better sounding and more comfortable earphone products. We are working hard to develop a program which will pay our Livewires co-marketersa $25.00 per set commission each time we get an order from a consumer who found us by going to your myspace or website. Basically, the program encourages your fans and friends to enjoy their music with same precision that you demand. If this makes sense and you'd like to feature Livewires your site, please let us know.

We also have new, clear cables arriving soon. Please let us know if you’d like one of these as a spare (at our special introductory price of $19.99) and we’ll put you on the list

If you experienced a long wait for your set of Livewires to arrive, please accept our apologies and rest assured that we are working as hard to reduce turnaround time. Your patience with us has been much appreciated.

Please visit our new site today and remember to send your photos and comments.


John Diles
3740 Castro Valley Blvd., Suite A-1
P.O. Box 2009
Castro Valley, California94546
800-821-0131 (US only)
510-583-7707 fax
510-219-3071 cell

I might get a clear cable... Do you think it would look bad with Red/Black/Blue LW's though? Mine need a re-dip, always have done, I just haven't got around to it, so I might just get them remade in clear/clear with a clear cable when the wait time drops. Need to look into this inbalance thing, I think mine are faulty too

Time to take some new pictures I think, and send them

If any potential livewires buyers want to put me down as a referee on the form, please do! I might get a commission bonus (maybe not if not part of the program though) and I'd love to try out the triple driver ones, and a few $25's would help a 16 y/o student

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Hello all!

I from Russia also am the owner of production LiveWires. I needed to order in them spare wires, colours clear. I apologise in advance, I write through the translator since not so well I know English.

All correspondence was conducted by my acquaintance well knowing English language. At first to it have answered, that the given wires are not present available and then to us should send invoice, on black wires.
Further he has written to them with a question: when will be clear wires. And on it silence. We are not answered with more weeks. I tried to write also - do not answer.
Wrote on mail boxes of sites: livewiresforyou.com and mylivewires.com.
Prompt, how to us now to be in the given situation? How to reach employees of the given company that they have answered us and have sent wires? Why they so ignore letters of owners of their production?

I will be very grateful for council. Thanks!
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hey....i looked at their new website and the pricing...cant believe..can customs be so affordable?
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HeadphoneAddict, since you had both, can you comment on LW vs. er6i, in regard to noise isolation?
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I think mine isolate less than my ER6i's did, however mine don't fit very tight, and I don't think I used to be as careful with the volume level as I am now.
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