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dj mocok, there are places/people in the Sydney area you can buy stones from.
I could give you someone to contact if you wanted but they do tend to deal in better makes and naturals so may be more expensive as Koki (japanesechefsknives is very cheap for shipping.)

I have a few handmade knives from Japanese makers like Takeda, Watanabe, Shigefusa, Moritaka...
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As for the knife choice, I think I am 80% decided now that I will get the Misono UX10 Santoku (but who knows, you know internet and forums can make you switch preference in an hour or two, haha).

I haven't been really researching on whetstones (or waterstones? are they the same?). been reading so much on knives my eyes are gonna pop. But do you have any website to recommend for stones?
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Just received a Hattori 150mm Gyuto and it makes every other knife i own seem blunt by comparison. It does look very slick, as well as having nice balance in the hand.

Shipping from Japan to the UK took 4 days (posted fri JPN time, arrived tue UK time) and service at JCK was excellent as well.
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We need reviews! And pictures!

C'mon, how long you've been here?
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Since I got a little bit of spare money from selling stuffs on eBay, I bit the bullet and made the purchase today.

Bought it from Japanese Chefs Knife.
What I bought:
- Misono UX10 Santoku
- Gekko Petty 140mm (Mahogany one)
- Some whetstones: medium and fine grit ones.

The petty is more of an impulse, last minute decision. I thought since I'm getting stuff all the way from Japan, might as well get something else now than having to pay for shipping again later.

And I have to say that dealing with Koki from JCK was very pleasant, it's definitely one of the best customer service I've ever received - seriously.
I exchanged emails with him a few times in a few hours time and then made a payment, moments later he emailed me back saying that it's sent and I got the tracking number already. If you guys need some nice kitchen knives, I can recommend dealing with JCK wholeheartedly. He's so genuinely nice he makes you feel bad if you don't buy from them again in the future.
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Received my knives yesterday, they're so beautiful. Haven't got the chance to use them yet. I might take some photos tomorrow.
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