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I bought a pair of MS2's from Mitch. Shipping was fast and they arrived in excellent condition as described. I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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I bought a pair of W5000's from Mitch locally and they are in perfect condition. It was a very quick and easy transaction, and Mitch let me try out the headphones in his system before I purchased them.

Thanks again.
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Bought Denon D5000 from Mitch on a Sunday night, he shipped them on Monday.

We had a few miscommunications which left me feeling weary at times but he's a good guy and held up his end of the deal perfectly. I'd be happy to deal with him again.
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I purchased a set of Grados from Mitch. The price was fair, they were exactly as described, he shipped them out in a timely manner and communication was easy. I would certainly buy from him again. Thanks Mitch.
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sold Mitch some wood cups and a grado lambskin headband. Had good communication and is a great guy. Will definitely deal with again.

thanks Mich
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Bought a mint AKG 701 from mitchb--very happy with the headphone and service. A good experience and a great Seller.

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I bought a Little Dot MKV from Mitch locally, the transaction was quick and easy.
I am happy with my purchase and would deal with Mitch again.
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Bought a pair of senn HD580's with a cardas cable from Mitch locally.
Very happy with item.
Price was very good.
Easy dealing with Mitch
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Bought two pairs of grado 325's.They were in great shape and sound amazing. Fast shipping and easy to deal with. Would buy from him again.

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I purchased an RSA Predator and ALO LOD from Mitch. The amp exploded after one hour of use. Burning my face completely off and burning down my house with my entire family in it. Mitch ruined my life... I kid I kid, the amp is in great condition and the transaction was flawless. Would not hesitate to do business with Mitch again. Thanks Mitch!

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