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Sold mitch a zu mobius cable, transaction went smooth, very friendly person. thanks.
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Mitch bought my Cardas Sennheiser cable. Payment was sent out very quickly and he was very patient throughout the transaction. He's a great guy to work with and I would not hesitate to deal with him again in the future. Thanks again!

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Bought Cardas cable from Mitch. Great communication, fast shipment, smooth transaction. Great Head-fier!!!
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Cardas cable

I also bought a cardas cable for Senns from Mitch deal went well with out a hitch. Thanks
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Great Head-Fi'er

I just completed the sale of a Cardas balanced headphone cable to Mitch. Communication was excellent and payment was very prompt. Mitch, it was a pleasure dealing with you and I hope that you enjoy the cable - balanced really is much better!
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Great Seller

Mitch sold me his AKG 271 Studio. Exactly how he described, dealt with him in person and very accommodating to my schedule and time. Deal went smooth. Don't hesitate to deal with him.
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I bought Beyer DT770(250Ω) from Mitch. It was a very good experience. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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Traded some headphones with Mitch. Mitch is a great guy to deal with. Very enthusiastic about this hobby and great to work with, don't hesitate to deal with him!
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Bought some Grado sr-60s locally from Mitch. Went through smoothly, he's very patient and he gave me a really good deal. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again in the future.
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Bought some balanced equinox for senn headphones from him. Very prompt communication and shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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Very unhappy with the way the sale went through

I have to say this is one of the worst net dealings I had.

This user assured me he's selling a mint condition HD650 with only minor wear on the earpads, instead I received a pair with paint peels/cracks on the headband as well chips on the U braces.

I contacted the seller showing the pictures I took and he told me it left his house mint and it is probably due to mishandling and temperature fluctuations.

Now I am suspicious because even I could see that it exhibits tell-tale signs of head-band stretch mark that accumulate over long term use - aka wear and tear; but I kept my silence because I was afraid the seller is going to be incommunicato if I accused him of anything.

The seller at first offers to refund after he received his headphone back, but this deal was suppose to be a "quick" deal and I inquired if I might get my money back sooner to purchase a newer pair of headphone quicker - an honest inquiry, since I paid HIM before he shipped the phones.

Then he blew up in my face, sending me a pm with full caps and accusing me of scamming him (like hiding a good pair of phones and show him some bad pair I got somewhere).

So naturally I was like "What the ****? Is this guy trying to shift the blame?" But still I kept my cool and sent a very calm email asking why he is mad, that I only made an honest inquiry.

He replied and said that he shouldn't have blown up on me, however the exchange goes downhill from there.

From then on it seems that I AM the one at suspect here, and he is painting himself as a victim of some sort: "I'm a victim too" he says.

Yes he might be, however he GOT my money while I got a ****ty pair of phones.

He continuously dodges my request for a refund, giving me the runaround.

At first he says he started an investigation with Canada Post trying to get back a $300 insurance he said he filed, then he ask me to drive from my home in Ottawa to Quebec to get the headphones repaired. Finally he asked me to submit a warranty request on his behalf and ship the headphones to Senns.

I was pretty angry and filed a dispute with Paypal, saying that he is responsible for "shipping damage" as he claim this is and he have insurance already. Of course Paypal system is a screwup and it automatically decided the case in his favor because all dealings outside of eBay is not protected except for the fact when the seller don't ship anything at all (or ship different items). Any damage / goods-not-as-described dispute is automatically discarded.

I then finally sent an email asking why he is refusing a refund when in fact he had shipping insurance.

Then he told me he filed the wrong insurance and it is $100 instead of $300.

Ok.... WTF? Why didn't he mention it when he said he started the investigation/claim process with Canada Post?

And how is this NOT his fault now that he admit wrong doing at least in terms of insurance filing?

In the end I was forced to submit a warranty request and paid AT MY EXPENSE the shipping to Senns.

Senns ppl are very nice indeed and fixed the phones, however no thanks to this guy.

I wouldn't say this guy's a complete *******, but pretty damn close to it.
  1. I'm suspicious of his initial claim that headphone was mint as it left his house
  2. I hate the fact that he tries to paint me as a suspect in this case when I was the one out of a mint headphone
  3. I don't like the fact that he keep pushing the responsibility of getting my money back ON ME when in his own word it was a shipping problem
  4. I think he flat out lied about getting the wrong insurance - either at the beginning when he said he started an investigation with Canada Post or later when he told me he made a mistake.
  5. Finally in the end, after he admitted he didn't file the right insurance, he still won't do the right thing and handle the situation himself but force me as the buyer to seek my own remedy to my financial loss.

P.S> I am angry because I have every right to be angry. The worst part is he tried to accuse ME of scamming. He had the balls to tell me, who have got the short end of the stick, that I am trying to scam him. This is wrong on so many levels.
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Bought SR225 from him. Headphone arrived safely and transaction went smoothly. Thanks!
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Sold an MS2 to Mitch. Communication was great and overall, the transaction went very smooth. This was my first time dealing with Canadian Postal money orders and I must say it was quite painless. In fact, this experience has eased my fears of selling internationally. I would definitely do business again with Mitch!
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The seller at first offers to refund after he received his headphone back, but this deal was suppose to be a "quick" deal and I inquired if I might get my money back sooner to purchase a newer pair of headphone quicker - an honest inquiry, since I paid HIM before he shipped the phones."
The buyer should have taken my refund. If he was unhappy because I refused to pay his gas to get the new HD650 from Sennheisser as I arranged for him he could have been more understanding. I'm sure I would have gladly helped him any way I could but to be asked for gas money was a slap in the face. To be given this feedback is a sign of immaturity and lack of experience. Thisd buyer may note I did not leave him a negative in return. It would have affected his other two positive transactions. I did not wish to do to him what he did to me.
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I bought a balanced hd650 cable from Mitch. While I haven't got to try it out yet (my balanced amp isn't at home right now), the cable is in pristine shape in terms of appearance and is exactly as described. Assuming it will work as well as it looks (I don't see why not), I would recommend Mitch as a seller to anyone, regardless of frivolous claims in the past against him. A great headfier, wouldn't hesitate to do business with MItch again.
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