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Originally Posted by Quaddy View Post
i was on 8mb in england, but out here in the sticks in scotland, i am on 1mb cause of a 'long line'
My line must be twice as long as yours as i can only get 512mb
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I still have an old modem (circa 2000). If I get around to driving over to Mediacom's offices they'll give me a faster one for free.

We originally had an old Cisco modem through AT&T that was a little over a foot wide. After several years of use we moved up to the current Motorola SB3100. I guess we've had cable internet for about a decade then... wow.

Edit: Lol, wikipedia lists the next model up as "An outdated model of the Motorola Surfboard cable modem".
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The Motorola SB5100 is the best cable modem. It must be SB5100 though, not 5120, 5101 or anything like that.
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Time-Warner Cable Roadrunnerâ„¢ High-speed online sucks. Sucks big floppy donkey d***.
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she is slow today for some reason..
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This is false advertisement from Comcast. They have these sites dialed in.

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Thank you for starting this thread. My speeds with my BellSouth DSL were 1500 down and 180 up. I just switched (partly because my son was lagging on xbox live) to Comcast High Speed and now my speed is 8000 down and 1500 up.

Here is the latest with xbox live, my computer, my Transporter and daughters computer surfing:

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About 5 Mbps on cable here.
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Originally Posted by lisnalee View Post
My line must be twice as long as yours as i can only get 512mb
HaHa, this time, length definitely isnt everything

BT even sent there hilariously named, and this is their offcial name: "the long line team" down to see me, they told me my line, although only 3km from exchange, qoute: "goes round the houses" and takes a far from as the crow flies route.

t'was fun, 3 grown men talking enthusiastically about line lengths and signal noise ratios and db margins!

one of the guys got so carried away, he even pulled out his panny toughbook and flirted for a wee while as he tried to convince me there was something amiss with the cabling in the house, even though i had only just re-wired with cat6, fitted an NTE5 prefiltered faceplate and removed the ringwire - the very procedures they had come down to do for me, to try and cure the problem

the only thing that actually solved it in the end was a rate cap downwards, but the before mentioned 'tweaks' helped it greatly in terms of stability

p.s. advice to all it affects, not sure about overseas, but here in the uk, if you have issues with your actual speed, you will see great stability and rate increase if you remove (if present the legacy 'ringwire' which acts as a noise magnet - and fit an nte5 prefiltered faceplate to your master 'test' socket - can be bought off ebay)

details can be found on the following link;


theres tweaking to be had in almost every avenue of life, even outside of audio
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8 inches.
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I have cablevision optimum online, and i think the DL rate they say is 10 or 15mbps. i also have the big transformer box right in front of my house
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I have Cox 10mbps down/1mbps up. It stays at that speed most of the day until around 2am-5am, then it'll start getting speed results of 16-20mbps.

I've always wondered, is there just a gigantic fiber optic cable that goes around the world between datacenters?
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