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Bought a pair of used headphones from elnero. Had a fast turnaround and lots of communication. Very accomodating. Great seller. Recommended.
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elnero bought my W100 headphones after at least a month of patiently waiting for me to decide whether I was ever going to sell them.

Good communication, prompt payment, very pleasant to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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Sold an amp to Phil. Absolutely one of the best people to talk with on this board. Very knowledgeable, great communication, and very prompt payment. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
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Sold an amp to Phil and it couldn't have gone smoother. Great guy, great communication & fast payment. Doesn't get any better than this, a real pleasure. Would deal with again in a heartbeat !

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bought an amp from elnero. very honest, mentioned he heard some very minor hissing, but he divulged this and then worked to discover that it was just a grounding problem. i really appreciate the total disclosure and honesty.

very quick shipment, prompt replies with emails.

would do business with again.
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I, too, have bought an amp from elnero -- in my case, a humble JMT-built Cmoy with Meier cross-feed. In terms of parts, features and design, it's the best Cmoy I've ever used.

But back to El Nero.

I found our Spanish Stradivarius-twanging col-legnoist to be more than polite, prompt, soberly honest and tear-provokingly patient -- he was also Canadian.

Kudos to him and his amp, which arrived in perfect shape and precisely as advertised. I would hesitate to do business again at the moment -- but that's only because I'm out of money. Otherwise, Nero's on my Paypal account's speed-spend. In a word, the gent is aces.
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Sold my Sony 1700s to Phil. Besides being a great guy to deal with (one of the best, IMHO), the transaction was super smooth. I recommend elnero most highly!
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I just sold my W1000s to elnero. Great guy to deal with!
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Made an exchange deal with elnero. Fast and friendly email replies and prompt international delivery. No problems encountered with the transaction whatsoever. Would surely deal with him again with no reservations. First class head-fi member.
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I just completed my transaction with Phil. He purchased my Grado RS-1 headphones. I am happy I agreed to send him my headphones, as he was honest, courteous, and prompt. Phil communicated well, and there were no problems or issues. I have no reservations about recommending him to others.

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I bought a ATH-W100 from Phil and it arrived in jus the condition described in a well packaged original retail box. a great guy to talk to and wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
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A great transaction with Phil. Quick payment and excellent communication.
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Sold a pair of SR-60s to Phil and could'nt ask for a better transaction. Superfast payment and excellent communication. A great person to deal with, highly recommended.
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I let him burrow my active golds and I never got them back!

Thanks a lot.

Even so, Elnero is great to deal with.

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Elnero is a wonderful person! He sent me a pair of VWAP pads absolutely free of charge to me. A model head-fier if I ever met one.
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