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K1000 Sonic Signature?

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What’s the generally accepted sound signature of the K1000?

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My pair sound detailed, refined, dynamic and quite forceful with a large soundstage and require lots of juice to sound good.

They are basically headphones on steroids and really do deserve the monniker of 'head speaker'.

Edit: I do think they are bright, thought his could be due to my source. I don't think they lack bass but it is not overly strong, nor does it need to be. Very balanced and extremely good mids. You can touch the music it is so impactful.
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Flat like a studio monitor. The pair I listened to sounded exceptionally 'hard'. Even at low volumes, they were subjectively brighter than the SR325s that were also present. The kind of reminded me of the ER4 as well, but with better upper treble extension. (Flat to 20kHz!)
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Fast, huge, flat, super dynamic. Very clean.
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Originally Posted by braillediver View Post
What’s the generally accepted sound signature of the K1000?

Sound signature? You want sound signature, then you don't want K1000s. There is little or none - they are a clear, accurate window into your source and amp, both of which better be good, or you will hear it. There is that bass "shelf" at 30 hz or so where they fall off a cliff, and refuse to acknowledge anything deeper. Small price to pay for the rest.

Think of Grado HP2s with the windows open - more air and space, but same transparency, neutrality and honesty.

K1000 is a unique and wonderful headphone - congrats on scoring a pair, Mitch.
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Originally Posted by Fing View Post
You can touch the music it is so impactful.
x2!! Even out of a poor t-amp, there's this solidity of instruments that I find so impressive! A perfect complement to my Stax phones (or vice-versa).
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AKG-1000 Signature

Can they be both "flat" and "bright"?
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Yes, if depending on the user's ear and how they are placed in relation to the ear. Just because a headphone has a perfectly flat response doesn't mean it will always sound flat.
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