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Help me on the inter-connection

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I just wanna know that what's the best alternative to the Straigth wire mini to mini cable. The problem is the price, the thing cost $19.95, and they're (headroom) charging me $25 for shipping, I just live in Canada, and then I'll have to pay for the tax! I'm not saying headroom's ripping people off or anything. But it just doesn't feel right to pay for the shipping that's even more expensive then the product I'm purchasing, so, all you pros, tell me is there an alternative on getting this product, or to get something equililent to it. Thanks y'all
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do you guys have Profigold over there? all the bigger consumer-electronics stores carry them over here. OFC, shielded, goldplated connectors. they got lots of different cables, mini-rca, regular IC, mini-mini, optical, everything really. supposedly pretty decent and cheap as well.
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Well I tried searching for it yesterday, no luck for me though . Anyone living in Vancouver that know one or two audio-stores?
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Why don't 'cha ask 'em?

Why don't you ask 'em yourself ( Or, apparently Denon is the Canadian distribution arm...
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