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ASIO4ALL Problem with USB DAC

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I'm having a strange problem with ASIO4ALL. I actually had it working with Foobar and PS Audio DLIII USB DAC via USB.

Then I had to change the Mobo from Asus to AsRock, and now, ASIO4ALL no longer works with Foobar/PS Audio via USB. Funny enough, ASIO4ALL still works via spdif (Lynx 2B).

In the ASIO4ALL window, there is "USB Audio codec" visible in green color (meaning active), and foobar acts like it's playing (slider moving, activity in spectrum window), but NO SOUND. With previous Mobo, under exact same circumstances/settings, I had sound.

Any ideas? TIA!
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Did you follow my guide to setting it up? I haven't had any problems with it at all.

This is the thread.

Edit: my best bet is that you are using the wrong ASIO plug in in foobar, but that's just a guess.
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I tend to have that "playing but no sound" problem with F2K and A4A when there's some other application that has taken over the audio, like a flash window in your browser, or quicktime, or anything that needs audio. If you have F2K paused or off when something else grabs the audio, you'll need to shut down both the offending app, and F2K, then RESTART F2K, start a song playing, and then restart the offending app. The offending app will not have sound, but video and everything else should be fine.
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