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Does anyone have any tips for soldering?

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As you can see, I suck at soldering but the beautiful part is that this thing actually works...well, what I've built of it so far.

I've gotten bored since I ordered my HD600's from Jan Meier (no, it's not taking a long time, I just ordered them today) and so I'm trying to build the Cmoy Pocket amp, and so far (since I still need to wait for the op-amps to arrive) I've only built the power supply.

i'm not veyr good at this soldering thing, as you can see from the pic, any suggestions?
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Hello guys

When you solder it is important to have a good mechanical connection. If you don't have a good mechanical connection you can have cold joints and many other problems. One way to do it is to bend the leads of the component at a 45degree angle. That way the component does not move while is being soldered. Next the soldering iron has to be really clean and shiny ( you can use a wet sponge ) and it has to be tinned. Not too much solder though. Whenever you are ready, bring the point of the soldering iron and apply heat both to the component lead and to the circuit board ( if you are using point-to-point technique then make sure you heat up the surfaces that you want to solder ). After about 1 second you bring in the solder to the heated connection ( not the soldering iron ) and let it melt. It should take another second for this to occur and you will know when to stop. Don't apply to much solder and don't move the part while it cools. You will end up with a shinning connection, it it looks dull just apply a little bit more heat.

For electronics work, it is best to use a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. I prefer a 25-30 watt unit. For solder I prefer SN62 available at Radio Shack.

Hope this helps
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Practice, practice, practice. Soldering skills improve with practice!


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After seeing the picture, I advice you do more practice before move on with the project. ( no offense really ! )

Do you have any OLD 14.4k or 9600bps Modems laying around ? Old beat up walkmans ? old stereo ? Broken telephone also works. ( old PC motherboards)

Use them and practice more so you get the hang of it.

Since you are not familiar with Soldering (yet) I recommed you go with a low 15 watts one ( they are cheap at radioshack for less than 10 dollars. Conical Tip) So you can have more control with it and not as easy to screw up to the point of no return. You also should have a Sucking Wik on the side so if you mess up, you can suck up the solder *cleanly*. You can either buy a hand spring Pump one ( one I use) Or the chemical tape that will suck up the solder like a sponge. ( it is very important you have either one incase you mess up) One big mistake that most beginners do when they mess up is ...
* they try to heat the screw up part , and flicker it hoping the solder will just fly where ever he /she flicks. Do not do that ! You will make it worse ! so have the pump or chemical tape ready jsut incase ( also very cheap in radioshack)

Practice soldering more connections on the old boards will definitely improve your Soldering skill. I started out fooling around with my 14.4 modem many years ago

Now I am pretty darn good at it ( I mod videogame systems on the side to soften the fall in this botomless Audiophile pit )

Tides * who has modded over 400+ systems among PSX/PSone/Dreamcast/PS2

PS. DIY amp projects are nothing when you compare to the soldering job on a Playstation2 ... ( I actually wear a super magnifying headgear that Dentists use! )
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I do have a soldering tip on my site:
Scroll down to the bottom to see the tips.
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Hm, I hope you've checked out my thread at http://headphone2.superhost.com/foru...=&threadid=269

I think I got this soldering thing down...
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