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never mind. The seller actually listed the condition as "used". I won't pay that much for the pair in that condition. I would buy 2600 USD for a NOS pair. For 3k, they better be the green L3000!!
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Yes this is silly money. I bought mine here at head-fi 2 years ago at $1900 near mint. I will get to listen to the R10 for the first time at the first danish head-fi meet next month. It had better not be a lot better than the L3000 or I will start this crazy wanting them thing.
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This is the same guy who had the r10 aswell? If i remember correctly, he had them both listed together for £5,000. I wonder how much he sold the r10 as they are not listed together anymore...
If it was the rest of the 5k from the previous listing then wouldn't that be a new r10 high? $7,000 whew..
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Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer View Post
I seem to recall a time where R10's went for $2400 or so new from Amazon. This was just prior to discontinuation.
R10's were easily had for $2600 if you imported from Japan back in the day.

Wish I bought a back up one back then. LOL. Hindsight's 20/20.

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I paid $5000 for the R10. Mostly because I could collect them in person and after Paypal, shipping and customs they'd be closer to $4300-4500.

Considering the age and condition, I definitely think I overpaid for them. However, R10's don't show up here in the UK very often and beggars can't be choosers.
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It's time for Sony or Audio Technica to release another limited edition to ease the shortage...
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Releasing new cans won't ease the shortage of old cans.
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I meant the shortage of limited edition cans, not easing the shortage of old cans.
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People often say this about headphones like the HE90, HE60, R10, Qualia, L3000 and K1000. They were all signature or statement products and priced accordingly.

From what I have heard, some of them weren't seen as particuarly good value at the time and prices on them generally dropped from their retail price, particularly as they were about to become discontinued.

In addition, the market for these top end phones was very, very small (in the hundreds) and totally not worth it from a commercial point of view, so unless they need to refresh their top end image, I don't see why any headphone manufacturer that has already released a top end headphone would bother to do so now. At least not for another 10 or so years.
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Should be able to save a few thousand dollars in ten years ! Looking forward to another release.
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why should anyone feel sorry about someone that can't sell their L3000?? lol...
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the condition of these L3000s do not look top notch. how much are they worth, do people thing: $1750-$1900.
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Yeah new price dropped a lot over the years but I think in their prime they were that much new (4.5k). Towards the end I heard they were like 2.4k 2.6k
The MSRP price for the R-10 while it was still available brand new was $3,999.99 USD, at that time I got a quote from EILF selling it for $2400.00 new, and I was so stupid that let it go...

Of course at that time, a used pair could be purchased for under $2000.00...

The last price I heard, of one in decent condition, was around $3,500.00, not too long ago...but the prices had raised considerably...
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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post
Should be able to save a few thousand dollars in ten years ! Looking forward to another release.
You do not need to, get an Edition 9, it sounds surprisingly good, and till now it had never stopped amazing me every day with new things in my albums....
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I wouldn't pay more than $1000 for that pair but then I always like a bargain.
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