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Are you deaf?

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I found a useful site to see if you gone coo coo with your headphone levels.

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It measures your hearing frequency. If it goes over the gray dot then you have exhausted that part of your hearing. Try it. I am perfect
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What's that noise?
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Huh, what? How much? I'm not dead young man, just ***snore***
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I thought there was a thread here, but it guess it was just the wind.
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Just finished the test. where to find the reference?
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LOL this have a KS plug-in?
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well I am deaf however, I knew this already granted I need to do this on my laptop as it's not even as loud as my PC... what did you say something?
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Not deaf!
Thank god, or else I would have no use for all my headphones...
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im not getting any sound..
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Hmmm... I can get test tones and sound on the SPL calibration, but the Aural calibration comes out with no sound no matter how loud I play it.

um... my gray dots are almost all on the 0 db line... that's impossible to hear some of those frequencies at the threshold of hearing.

Maybe I'm an idiot and can't calibrate the program worth my life.

edit: or maybe my computer probably is generating 40db so I can't hear the sound coming from my headphones.
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Confirms what I already knew:
"Slight" hearing loss in left ear on some higher frequencies (11k-20k) due to several childhood middle ear infections.

If you say print results after you finish the test you get a more detailed view with explanation.
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Meh, the results I get even if I only try that system test at the beginning are scary Either I am partly deaf already (my doc said I wasn't though) or my K701s are going bust as well...great prospects!
The test tones from 1000Hz down to 500 are quite a bit louder on my left ear than when played on the right. At 250 this phenomenon reverses and the test tone seems 'louder' on my right ear. It even sounds different in both ears...on the right the sound 'vibrates' or rings, whereas it seems more of a steady tone on the left, even though it is still noticeable that it is not.

I fiddled around with the mono-downmixing in foobar a bit and it seems that the voices I listened to were centered when I wore the phones reversed, and located more on the left when I wore them correctly....meaning what?
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my ears are not perfect, i didnt like finding that out but there we go, mine recorded a slight to moderate loss all over the frequency ranges, especially lower frequencies, which explains why i love warm sound, maybe its cuz i cant really hear bass too well
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