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SOLD: Balanced 701s

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I'm looking to sell some of my equipment to help save up for a pair of UE11s.

I had the 701s recabled with Moon audio's silver dragon v2. The cable is terminated with male xlrs and the cable is 10' long.

They are in excellent condition and have been taken care of and pampered from the moment I received them.

I will include the original box, the stand, the manual, the gold 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, and the receipt of purchase (they were purchased from headroom).

The 701's are just over one year of age, are in prestine condition, and are in fully working order. The cables are around 10 months old. For those truly interested I would be happy to send recently taken photos.

I'd like to get an idea of what prices people would be willing to pay, so please feel free to post or PM me with any and all offers - please no low balling.

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Thanks to all who showed interest.
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