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confirmed HD25-1 II uses HD25-1 driver

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This morning, I just had nothing to do.

With full of curiosity, I decided to open my beloved Senn HD25-1 II to see the driver.

After I removed the velour pad, the housing seems difficult to remove. I tried to use a screwer to pull it out.

Finally I got through it. and the thing I saw is its driver said "HD25-1".

So it means the new HD25-1 II uses the same driver as the original one.

anyway, I did some mistake. the red tiny wire is broke and my left drivers sound 's gone.

Then I call to Sennheiser and they told me I have to wait for 6 weeks to get the new one. crap!!

anybody know how to fix this thing?
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Broke where? Resolder it.
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do you see the red tiny wire at the bottom of the driver?

it's very tiny. and of course I have no skill to fix it.
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How unfortunate.
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Where exactly did it break?

I could probably fix it for you, if you wanted to mail it.
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Could you try and take a better pic of the broken cable? If it's broken at that large solder pad, it would be an extremely easy fix. If it's broken at the driver terminal, it would be harder.
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Thats a common practice with a lot of high end sennheiser drivers. Not sure about the HD595, but the HD580/600/650 all do that. I screwed up my HD580 that way. The lead-in wires are fully exposed when you take out the drivers.

I found out the hard way

I tried to re-solder mine but the solder melting point is higher than the melting point of the tiny wires. So... at least I was unsuccessful at the DIY.

You guys can kind of see in the pic... the red epoxy coated wires, and the small spring-terminal, where the wire broke free.
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the exact broken part is the tiny red wires kramer said.

@Fitz: that would be great if you wanna try to fix it. you're so kind. T__T

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dude, if you've been reading, one senn rep said it's just the same except for the accessories it came with. this surgery was a failure indeed
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Well the SP, 25-1 and II share the same drivers. I thought that was accepted fact? Anyways, that sucks man, I hate repairing voice coil wires. I managed to do it on some sr60s, but I needed some low MP solder to do it right.
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yeah the HD-25-1 II just comes with extra accessories in the box

unfortunate way to discover that fact though... hope it gets fixed
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lolz I was just curious about the driver and wanna know about the inside of the good sealing cup.

finally, I knew and lost one of them. stupid stupid..
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Valient effort in the name of science and discovery.

Are those wires supposed to be soldered or were they mechanically attached?
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thats the kind of stuff that makes my heart beat every time I take my headphones apart. Damn my cat-like curiosity.
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I didn't say it before, but you deserve a big pat on the back for taking one for the head-fi team. The ultimate, sacrificing ones headphones for the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Thanks for your valiant effort! I think your best bet is to place an order with Senn USA for the replacement.

As for my 580... I'm on the lookout for a replacement driver here or on ebay.
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