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Modestly Large Budget Ladies Watch Recommendation

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My father tasked me with locating a watch for my mother (30th wedding anniversary) in the 5-10k USD price range. Sadly I don't know crap about watches besides that I'd love a platinum A. Lange and Sohne.

Think late 50s small asian woman. Platinum or Gold recommendations both welcome with metal or leather band.

Also I'd need a good online retailer recommendation as well, unless you'd really recommend buying at a brick and mortar.
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Looking at something from the Watchery. Anyone got an opinion on this retailer?


Thinking something like this:

or this:

I dunno I think I prefer silver color (Preferably platinum but I dont see any platinum in this price range) to gold. Definitely something smaller than big. Probably round to rectangle but that's more negotiable. Have no idea what my dad or my mom would like laf.
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the classics womens watch has always been the Cartier santos or the Omega Constalletion,

the baume mercier hampton or mini line are also nice, and the cartier tank franacise,
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not sure on the size of this.

or top range of the budget, reduce from nearly 20k to 10.5k;

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I would recommend buying a watch from a local authorized dealer.

As for brands, it's hard to beat a Rolex for timeless style.

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I would also recommend buying from a local AD.

As stated previously, you cannot go wrong with Cartier or Rolex (ideally with an automatic movement, no quartz)

My favorite would be a Cartier Tank Française with automatic movement.

Here it is in my wife's collection :

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i dont know why, but every time i think rolex i think about an old texan playing golf in a white suite and driving a 80´s caddy with horns on the hood,
i think zenith is a better brand for that kind of money,
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Why a local AD versus thewatchery? AD will sell at msrp right? The discount on thewatchery seems pretty $$. Is it tougher to get service? Or is there a risk for fakes?
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Why a local AD versus thewatchery? AD will sell at msrp right? The discount on thewatchery seems pretty $$. Is it tougher to get service? Or is there a risk for fakes?
You can have very good discount at some AD on some brands (harder on Rolex but still possible). I was able to get a large discount (more than 20%) on my wife's Cartier.

If you are confortable buying your audio stuff on the Internet the same should apply for watches... But, it will always be easier to get some service from a local dealer than from an Internet dealer (think polishing the watch, small adjustment,... that they will often do for free). For big repear or warranty service, it is also easier to get back to your dealer, they will handle the relation with the service center and you won't have to worry about sending the watch somewhere at your risk. Also, a lot of Internet dealer are "grey market" dealer and the service center (from Rolex or Cartier for example) will not service a watch coming from a grey market dealer.

I think that for a gift of such importance (30th anniversary and big money), your father should take a safe route and go with an AD. Of course, this is just my opinion...
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Originally Posted by Icarium View Post
Why a local AD versus thewatchery? AD will sell at msrp right? The discount on thewatchery seems pretty $$. Is it tougher to get service? Or is there a risk for fakes?
Just read the warranty page on thewatchery website and you'll understand what I mean...


Since we are wholesalers, and not authorized dealers, the manufacturer's warranty that is included in the box is not endorsed by an authorized retailer. We therefore honor the original factory warranty terms and conditions for two years from the date of purchase. Our watch repairmen are very experienced with watches worth up to and even more than $100,000. Should there ever be a problem with you watch, we do our best to repair it as quickly as possible.

TheWatchery.com Warranty

TheWatchery.com provides warranty coverage of two years from the date of purchase on all of its brand name watches. Our warranty covers the watch movement and battery replacement for the time period stated and excludes: watch case, watch bracelet, straps, crown/stem, crystal/glass, finishes, damage caused by excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer's water resistance limitations. All shipping and handling costs in connection with warranty service are the responsibility of the customer. This warranty is valid only at TheWatchery.com. Improper repair or warranty service performed by someone other than TheWatchery.com will void this warranty. TheWatchery.com disclaims any liability for consequential or incidental damages for breach of written or implied warranty of this watch, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Shipping & insurance costs for warranty returns to The Watchery must be covered by the customer. All watches should be sent to TheWatchery.com’s service department (contact us for the address) by prepaid insured traceable mail courier. The tracking number for your return must be emailed to us upon shipment. All warranty returns must have a Return Authorization No. (RA#). Please contact us prior to your return for the RA#. This number must be boldly displayed on the outside of the box. A watch returned without an RA# will be refused. In order to process your repair you must include our repair form.
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As a watch collector of many years I would recommend that you have your mother go to a large watch dealer like Tourneau that displays a large selection of watches in that price range so she can figure out what she likes in terms of style, size, etc. Watches, especially for women, are jewelry remember. Then I would go to www.watchnet.com and look thru the watch listings for sale. It's much like an audiogon for quality watches--new and used. Check out the prices, discounts and participating dealers. Look at the variety available there and usually pictured, which is much larger than any store. Most of the dealers are reputable as the site is policed by the trade that participates. Many brick stores also have online sites. There is not such a distinction or big difference, really, as some previous posters seem to think. Many online dealers are authorized for at least some of the brands they sell, and you can ask in regard to any particular watch you are interested in. Substantial discounts are the rule not the exception IF YOU ASK FOR THEM. 30% or more off list is often possible.
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Ah I see thanks.
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Rolex ladies DateJust in platinum, meteorite dial.
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Originally Posted by Rock&Roll Ninja View Post
Rolex ladies DateJust in platinum, meteorite dial.
Nice - I love the meteorite dials.

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I hope the following provides some insight. I went with a similar situation when over the last few years I gave my wife watches from Cartier, Rolex, and Omega.

Personaly I prefer Rolex and Omega since I feel you get more of a quality watch than a piece of jewelery as I feel you do with Cartier. I will also say that their automatic movements are very reliable and well thought off. This brings me to the issue of automatic movement, which are my 1st choice but the watch tends to be much thicker and will require service every 7 to 10 years or so. I mention the watch thickness because some users do not care to have a heavy and large watch on their wrist.

In the case of my wife the third watch I gave her was a two tone (stainless and gold) Tank by Cartier. It is a quartz (battery operated) which means it is much thinner and does not require periodic wearing to maintain the watch operating. Depending on your mother's likes and dislikes you will have to make a choice. Note, my wife tends to wear the Tank much more than her Rolex.

I would also purchase the watch from a local retailer, "just in case". However I will mention that you should look at the pre-owned specially with Rolex or Omega. Why? because many will trade in a Date Just from Rolex to buy a President. The retailer (if a Rolex dealer) takes that trade in and sends it back to Rolex in Switzerland to have it cleaned, recertified as a chronometer, and polished. It comes back with the same 1 year warranty as a brand new watch and you can not tell the difference even if you lay them side by side. However you will save on average 35% to 40%, and remember you get the same warranty from Rolex.

Best of luck.
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