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Originally Posted by feh1325 View Post
i find that my er6i are plenty bassy for my rock music
listen to new and old stuff
queen, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, green day, muse, elo, bloc party

the clarity and detail you get from the er6i is amazing
X2 QFT. Pretty much same music interest as me and same opinion.
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I will only receive the M5s tomorrow, will update you then, but from what I've read the M5s do require quite a fair bit of burn in. I don't listen to thrash, mainly mainstream rock, some old school metal (Zeppelin, Deep Purple) and the SFP's pretty good for those.

One of the other guys also got both, and put up the Atrios for sale and chose to keep the SFP5's.
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m5's are fugly. you just got yourself the michael moore of IEMs
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but in a good way
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Has anyone tried the TDK CLEF-P series.
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Just made a review of the tdk clef-p. hope it help the folks who are curious of how it sound.
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