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"Chiunifi" official Chicago get-together November 17th 2007

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....the concept...

What is Chiunifi?
Chiunifi is an annual event located in the middle and possibly the best location for members north, east, west, and south of Chicago to get together have some fun. Chiunifi is a self sufficient event paid for by the members who have come the previous year, thrown and hosted by the members for the members.
eventually Chiunifi will also be setup to help other member events north, east, west, and south of Chicago (example would be if a meet in another town needs power strips then we can help those members in providing the strips).

Get together? why not call it a meet?
The four basic types of labels used for these are mini, meet, regional, and national. while all four sound really nice on a thread title they are limited to their beginning and end. a get together unlike the others can mean 2 people or 2000 people. if you look all the way back in time here you will see the events being labeled as get together also. I don't want to set any size label for chiunifi but instead have the size (for example of how many people can come) chosen by the members hosting and working the event itself, not a single word in a thread title.

self sufficient? how?
I have found that in larger meets to happen they need money. this money comes from a variety of sources but the main payment for the very meet being held is provided by companies (mot's) at that moment. a good example would be in order to pay for a meet that's happening on July 31st, companies or members that show up at the meet on July 31st provide the finances. this way to me is just like chasing your tail cause not only is the meet happening at the moment dependent on the money taken in from that very same meet itself. another problem is when you use the money raised at one meet to pay for itself you are limiting next years meet. instead Chiunifi will be paid ahead so it would not be dependent on companies or members at that moment.
All money raised at this years Chiunifi will 100% go to paying for next years chiunifi.

How do you raise money now to pay ahead?
Members.. for example we have a raffle, then all the money raised from that raffle goes to the next Chiunifi. if we raise $2 then we have $2 for the next event, if we raise more then we have more money for next year and possibly grow in size and benefits to be brought back to next years and the members that would come then. there are lots of ways we can raise money like raffles or donations or even selling t-shirts or gear..of course this will be worked on later by the hosting members when the time comes..right now this is just a concept. it's up to you (the members) to either support it or not.

Companies won't pay for anything?
Instead of charging a basic fee to come in and show the products your company manufactures or sells you will be asked to donate something for the raffle. i found most companies are not only more then willing to help in this form but already do now in meets. this is also an advantage for smaller one person companies as they may not be able to afford a basic flat fee. all we ask is give us something to raise money from and we will return the favor times ten. note that i say asked and not told..

What is the logo mean?
the four headphones stand for north, east, west, and south. as they come together in one location. the blue stripe at the top stands for the members and the blue stripe at the bottom stands for the companies (mot's).
ok seriously i just ripped it off of the Chicago flag..lol
well it could mean that i guess...

Will this take off? will it work?
that's not for me to answer but instead for the Chicago area members to answer (or any member willing to help out). I wrote this here now to put the idea in the members heads and think about if they would be willing to go for a next year chiunifi, put the idea in there head so they can come up with really cool ways on making next year this or that much better. next years relies on the members, not me, he, she..but instead it relies on US. i am only putting out the concept and letting the members decide on the outcome for 2008. if it takes off then that's great if not then at least i am spending my birthday with some of the best people I know this year. but this has to start somewhere so I am starting it on November 17th 2007..

speaking of which...

!!!!!! Chiunifi 2007 get-together !!!!!

November 17th 2007 starts at 11am and goes until 5pm.
(actually we can stay as long as we want, cause we do have the main room until midnight on the 17th)
i also am renting out two smaller side rooms so we can roll into the night if people want.

Who can come and what the admission price is:

!The attendance list is Full! We are at maximum capacity with well over 30 people. Thanks for the interest!

there never is an admission fee in any of my events but key note what i wrote above about raising money for the next event. regardless of that I will never charge any regular member a admission price.
any mot or company, pm me your phone number so we can talk..about life..and stuff..it will be kept lite.

the only way to gain entry is to be on the list. i only have enough space for maybe 30 members and a few companies. reply here confirming your willing to come and what gear (that you own) will be bringing so I can put you in one of the 30 spaces open. if you want to bring gear you don't own but are willing to loan out from another company pm me first. i will update this in the event all 30 spaces get filled..if..hehe
i have full right to refuse anyone not on the list as this is (this year) a private event held for Headfi members and is limited to 30 people.

Holiday inn
5300 W. Touhy Avenue
Skokie IL 60077

description of the hall and hotel rates for guest rooms if wanted:
first there are ten rooms available if anyone wants to stay over night. they are discounted at $119.00 a room from the regular $149.00 a night.
reply here if you want a room at this rate so i can pm you the info on how to get the rate.
the get together room itself will actually be three rooms into one. the main room will be in the middle of two smaller rooms. we can use the smaller rooms for a food and lounge setup and/or a dedicated quite listening room. i will post more about this later on...

anyone who has questions and wants to help (esp with my grammar) pleaseeeeee feel free to pm me anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I will update this as time goes..

Friends that are Helping us:

first and foremost I have to let you all in on a small story, but it has Substance to this thread and to this event. story is Grawk footed the bill on a meet he hosted some time ago, then Lot's of people chipped in to even out Grawks wallet to help. one of those People was Chiunifi! in turn we will have some cables Made by the DIY'er himself, the man of the hour..the man with the diy cable power...Jason (JBLoudG20)!
Jason (JBLoudG20) will be sending us some cables to Raffle off! this is so important cause this is what i talked about earlier how Chiunifi can help other events , this is Headfier helping headfier people!
Thanks Jason, i seriously can't wait to see and hear your work in life!!!

Uncle Wilson of Jaben network and Crossroads is sending us some Gear to Raffle!!!! what it will be I have no clue, but in San Jose Uncle Wilson was handing out special edition Crossroads Mylar earphones and Crossroads also Donated some great ipod docks for the event. I have a pair from the event and I tried them with the Shure black foamy tips and wowzerz!! Thank you So much Uncle Wilson for your time and product, I think you should have a Cubby Bear on the way to join the family out there...first i have to find one, i live on the south side of Chicago right next to White Sox fans..not cubs fans.

Todd R from TR-audio needs no introduction to anything regarding headphones and Chicago! he has been at most if not all any events here. Todd has brought us products to demo for as long as I been on this earth (well). Todd Will be chipping in something for the Raffle, again what it will be i have no clue..

No Chicago Event would be complete without the Mister of portable amps, the Mrs. of preamps, and the he/she of Phono stages..
Ray Samuel's from Ray Samuel's Audio will be locked on Target, bombing your ears with some milky smooth sounding gears..oh yeah..
Ray should have his assortment of products at the event (and if he don't then we bug him to go home and get it..only few blocks away), but he may be bringing some new product called "The Predator" which is a dac/amp combo. Ray has given me the choice of either a Hornet or a Tomahawk in for the Raffle, i told him I don't care it's his choice..not mine.

you think it's over? please....

What if I told you there was a tiny itsy bitsy company located blocks away from the Event willing to open it's doors to us? what if I told you the tiny company was a leader in iem's and mic's? what would you say to me?
Tacos? no man it's SHURE INC! and check this out..
Shure will be sending their two (or three) best out to the event for some on the spot IEM demoing. You can check out everything from the SE110 to the top of the line SE530 earphones, and don't worry about Tips cause Shure is bring tips back like it's Sexy!
Wait I am not done..noway..if you go to the event you will not only receive the demo but get this..
Shure inc will be doing Tours of their Performance / Listening Center (click the link to learn more info). We were talking maybe one tour at 4pm and another later. it will depend on what you all want to do, in other words the tour and the event will be flexible! and of course the Matt and Shaun from Shure have let me in on something else. Shure will be chipping in the raffle (yeah baby) with a few goodies, will it be some earphones? t-shirts? tacos? hell I don't know..

And last but not in any least..
Chicago is known for the music scene?..yes, the tall building scene?..yelp, and the pizza and hot dog scene?..of course. but there is another scene Chicago is known for (besides my scene), which is the Vinyl scene! and with that i give you..Chiunifi...The Vinyl Junkie in all of hi-fi audio..
Todd Green from Todd the Vinyl Junkie (ttvj) will be on hand at the event!
He will have some of the products he sells including his very own TTVJ portable Millet amp! it has tubes and batteries and is "TO-GO". little known fact is Todd actually is a Chicago boy himself, grown and raised here on probably pizza and hot dogs..well..
Todd will be throwing in something something for the Raffle also..you probably can guess by now i have no clue, cause i don't.

Will there be more friends included? maybe..maybe not..i will update this as more friends come to me (or call me, wink wink Doug).

Member attending: ( if the name has "joe mama" then they are confirmed)
1. dariusf "Darius" (3)
2. 003 "Andrew" (2)
3. Nismo96 "Ben" (2)
4. morphsci "Jim" (1)
5. nickknutson
6. Sheynkman
7. ogewo "Ogewo" (2)
8. Boom Shaka Laka "steve" (1)
9. Redo
10. acidtripwow "Al" (1)
11. GLF "Andrew" (1)
12. Absorbine_Sr "Mike" (1)
13. Chu
14. Merkurfan "Leonard" (2)
15. madman91 "Greg" (2)
16. Joey V
17. Persiflage "Alex" (1)
18. Skylab "Rob" (3)
19. P O (not sure)
20. propheci "Xiaolei{Shao Lay}" (1)
21. chouman "James" (1)
22. Bazile "Jeff" (1)
23. Jim
24. reynman

HD 600,(3)
Denon D5000,
JVC DX1000,
Goldring DR150,
Headphile Deep Cup Darth Beyers,
Headphile Luke SkyBeyers,
hd-580, balanced and regular
akg k26p,
AKG K701,(3)
Alessandro MS2i
Beyer DT-770 w/ Cardas,
Beyer DT-250
Stax Omega II
Stax Omega I
Headphile Recabled and Balanced AKG K340
ALO Recabled and Balanced AKG K701
Grado HP-1
AKG K240 Sextetts, 1 EP and 1 MP
Headphiled Woody 225's
Sennheiser HD25-1 II
Equation Audio RP21 (w leather Beyer Pads)
Denon D2000
AKG Hearo 999 (using as a surrond sound with large screen tv)
Sennheiser HD595,
Etymotic ER-4P,
Shure E3,
Sony PFR-V1
Grado HF-1,
AT EC7 ear buds,
Sony MDR-F1
Westone UM2

Headroom Micro
Bottlehead S.E.X.
Shanling T100
DIY Bijou (Cavalli Lovell Futterman) Tube Amp
DIY CKKIII (maybe)
Darkvoice 336i (2)
Meier Cantate
Meier Opera
Meier Move
Larocco Diablo
Lunch box II (in balanced or unbalanced)
Eddie Current Zana Deux
Gilmore Lite
Singlepower ES-1
HeadAmp GS-X
Headroom 2007 Desktop Portable
Behringer UB1202 Mixer/Headphone Amp
Singlepower MPX3 SLAM "toaster"
Singlepower mpx3 Supra slam

iPod Classic 80G,
ipod 5.5 gen 30G (maybe)
Sony 333ES,
Shanling T100,
Curcio Audio DAC
Computer running Foobar (desktop)
Alien DAC (maybe)
RWA iMod iPod
Denon DP57M turntable (maybe)
CI vda2/vac1
Resolution Audio Opus 21 CDP;
Musical Fidelity X-Ray v3 CDP;
Oppo DV-970HD,
Lavry DA-10.
Modded Eastsound E5
Asus R1 Tablet (Optical output)
Zenith 318 DVD player
Rio Karma
Sony Discman D-33
Sony 999ES modright moded
Sony 9000ES cd player,stock
Linn LP12 + SimAudio Pre,
5.5g iMod w/ Vcap,

Cardas Mini
Cardas Quadlink,
Cardas Senn cable
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random updates put in on the the following days..

Sept 20 2007
Also if you guys wanna support Chiunifi with a custom avatar now you have three choices...

Click on "usercp" on the top left of your screen while logged into your Head-fi account.
on the left of the screen you have a section called "Control panel" under which you will see a link named "Edit Avatar"..click that
out of the two options they give you go under option one and just paste the copied link to the Avatar you like and hit "save"..

thanks! let me know if the instructions or pics go wrong anytime!
Update: 10-17-07
Raffle and friends list updated in the reply above!

UPDATE: 10-23.07
Tenntive list of peeps without being confirmed..(pm will be sent to members on the list to confirm.)

UPDATE 10-28-07
I sent this quote out to everyone who is on the list, if you did not get one please pm me right away.

Are you Ready? Are you Excited? Are you..umm are you, you? OK!!!

this private message is being sent So I can ad in your gear that your bringing to the List and to confirm we will have lift off on the 17th of November.

All you need to do is fill in the sections..
(if you will not be bringing anything that fits in a section then you can leave it blank, don't worry about it)

Head-fi user name:
(example would be :bhd812)

First name, or nick name you want to be called:
(example would be: Billy )

are you bringing anyone else:
(example would be a yes or no)

If you are then how many people:
(example would be :1)

Name's of the people:
(example: Uncle Joemoe)

(example:grado rs-1, Shure 420,)

headphone amps:
(example: Single power mpx slamm bamm)

(example: Sony cd player, ipod)

(example: Nordost Vahalla)

anything else I should know? i will be pming you with directions on how to get up to the event..or how to find it easily. thank you and once you reply i will update the third post in the thread with your answer!
Cant wait to see you all there soon!!!!
UPDATE: 10-31-07
Gearlist and members updated!!!!

UPDATE: 11-10-07
The attendance list is Full! We are at maximum capacity with well over 30 people. Thanks for the interest
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Hi Billy, wow you really planed it out!

I would like to attend with my audio buddy Paul. I can bring my baby O, Hev70 (or if I get an upgrade by then) and a source Sony 999es modright modded.

Can't wait,

PS. If anyone could bring some Stax toys it would be awesome!
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Baby O, sweet! That would be the first e-stat I hear!

I can also come. Hope to bring:
APureSound HP-2, Singlepower MPX3 SLAM toaster, Fully restored, recabled and balanced K240 Sextett LP, hopefully the Storm Pandora, and if just to have a spare source, a nice little D-33 which I've got. Possibly some other gear which I am not decided on yet.
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I'm probably gonna show up. I'm not bringing any gear though, all my stuff is portable and pretty low end.
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OK you know I'm in for this one.

I can bring just about anything in my profile but here are my current thoughts:

1.) Electrostatic Rig:

The "He Man" ES-1 with tubes optimized for Baby-O and Staxen
Stax Omega II
Stax Omega I
We already have another Baby-O but I can easily bring either Darrell or Darrell

2.) Balanced Rig:

HeadAmp GS-X
Headphile Balanced AKG K340
ALO Balanced AKG K701
SE Beyerdynamic DT880/600 (It may be balanced by then)

Source for 1 and 2 above would be a modded Eastsound E5 and everything in 1 and 2 above will be running out of the PS Audio P500.

Transportable Rig;

Headroom 2007 Desktop Portable
Asus R1 Tablet (Optical output)
Equation Audio RP21 (w leather Beyer Pads)
Denon D2000
Alessandro MS-1

Other Cans:

Grado HP-1
AKG K240 Sextetts, 1 EP and 1 MP
Headphiled Woody 225's

I also have Grado GS-1000, Alessandro MS-Pro's, MS-2's and MS-2i's. I'm not really planning to bring these unless there is a member request.

Lastly, I would like to say that this is a great idea for an event and I would like to thank Billy for getting this shin-dig kicked off

PS I'm old so send me the info as I would like to stay over Saturday night
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I wouldn't mind a second pair of HP-1s, I would be able to compare the sound of my APureSound restored/recabled HP-2 to it for reference. Also... what production sextetts do you have? Check the link in my sig for info on how to tell.
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Originally Posted by 003 View Post
I wouldn't mind a second pair of HP-1s, I would be able to compare the sound of my APureSound restored/recabled HP-2 to it for reference. Also... what production sextetts do you have? Check the link in my sig for info on how to tell.
No problem, I can bring the HP-1's. I have not snapped off the grills to confirm but I should have one EP and one MP sextett.
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Sweet thanks! Haha, EP and MP, and I have LP. Err, would it be to much trouble to bring them, then we've got all three versions for comparison in one room! If it's to much trouble, don't bother though. Looking forward to this meet, there will be some sweet gear!
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You guys got room for a cat from Minneapolis? I don't know what I'll have for gear (it's ever changing), but I'll bring what I got!
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If I don't have to study too much on that weekend count me in!

I don't have quite an impressive setup as you guys but I can bring RS-2's, HD600's, SR-125's, and KSC-75's.

For amps:
Bijou (Cavalli Lovell Futterman). [I would imagine this is an amp not too many of you have had the pleasure of listening. From the headwize.com DIY workshop.]
CKKIII [A great little amp that's gaining popularity]

AW-D3 DAC [USB DAC] + my computer running foobar
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I'd love to be there. Bringing my computer would be tough, but as much of my other gear as I can bring, I will.

Originally Posted by nismo96 View Post
I'm probably gonna show up. I'm not bringing any gear though, all my stuff is portable and pretty low end.
You've got lots of fun gear nismo. Bring whatever you can. Any given person usually has a use for a wide range cans and they will want to hear them before they buy them.
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wow so many replies! this is a great start to a great get-together!!

i recently got back from downtown, i was snapping some pics for the myspace page..nothing special yet but i will hopefully set a date for it to be some what nice. anyone has any ideas for the myspace reply or pm a way.

the gear list so far looks amazing!!!

thanks so much!!!!

off to bed but keep the ideas the replies flowing...

dariusf thank you but this is for all of you..serious!

nickknutson: do you need a room to stay in also? pm me and i will shoot you the hidden secret info on how to get a discount rate..oh man its so original i kidd myself! and no its not Ron Mexico..

Nismo: dude..i don't care if you bring a set of apple ear buds..just get your butt down here! want to buy some 125's? haha

ogewo: that would be awesome if your brought your pc with, i was thinking of bringing my laptop with the benchmark dac-1 usb setup..i would love to see how you have your music stored in cause i use i-tunes on mine which probably is not the best but..

off to bed...tired..
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A self-sustaining audiophile movement is a good thing. I'm all for Chiunifi. I can email a dealer friend to see if he's interested in joining the shin-dig.

A list of gear I could bring:
Source=Sony DVP9000ES CD/SACD, 5.5g iMod IPod, Linn LP12(crazy to bring a TT but this baby is bad to the bone)

PhonoPre=SimAudio's Moon

Pre-Amp=Belles Soloist 3

Hdph Amp=ALS MG Head, Singlepwr MPX3 w/ Supra & Slam, Headroom Home(maybe w/ Max mod if upgraded in time)

Hdphs=HD650's w/Equinox & Cardas(Blue Dragon Balanced), HF-1's, Sony MDR-F1

A few items will be available for sale w/ ?% donated to Chiunifi. Actually, I think this is an excellent way for the group to raise funds if others decided to make sales as well, but it does raise a few Q's like: who's the Treasurer, how are the funds banked, what happens to the funds should the group decide to dissolve at some point or if the Treasurer moves away, is the Treasure elected and for how long, is there any other heirchy structure to discuss.

From my experience, grassroots type groups that stress transparent democratic practices go thru several "growing pain" stages that involve allot of people and allot of opinions.

Best of luck, see you then.

Cheers, S.L.
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