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IC - AKG K-1000

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I'll probably regret selling them someday, but I'm simply not using them enough to just have them lying around in their wooden box.

I'm considering selling my AKG K-1000's. I am the original owner, and I purchased them on or about 4-5 years ago from HeadRoom. They have seen light use in that time, mostly because they are impractical for the way I listen (most often in a house with children...they are anything but closed!).

Serial # 10193 - I grade them a conservative 9 on a 10 scale...the only blemish of any kind I can see is a small scratch on the silver paint that holds the serial number (probably from my fingernail).

I'm willing to listen to offers. Please note this is not intended to be an auction - I reserve the right to not sell, or to sell to someone other than the highest bidder. My preference is that they go to someone in this community, and I reserve the right to favor longer-termed members when making my decision. I really want these to go to someone who has been an active member and who will put them to good use.

I will accept PayPal (verified sellers with confirmed ship-to addresses only...NO EXCEPTIONS so please don't ask) or money order. I will ship to the US only (again, no exceptions so please don't ask), buyer is responsible for any fees (e.g. PayPal) and the actual cost of packing and shipping (I will insure for $1000, and pack them sufficiently to withstand an NFL punt).

PM me with questions or offers...thanks.
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Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far. To anyone who has been trying to reach me, I'm sorry I've been unavailable for the last few days. I've been dealing with an unexpected family matter that has pretty much consumed all my time.

I will be responding to everyone who contacted me shortly...thanks for your patience. I'd like to wrap this up in the next few days.
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