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HD595 stand

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I'm pretty sure i'm gonna buy a set of hd595s and i've read in some threads that they come with a stand.
I can't find a picture of the stand anywhere though, could someone post a pic of it?

It's a pretty petty thing to worry about but i still want to see it first :P
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Very sexy stand. So sexy that I kept it for my HD650s after selling the HD595s off.
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The stand is called an HH10, you can see it on our website.


It is pretty slick- embossed Sennheiser logo and the ability to mount vertically or horizontally...it goes a long way to protect the headphones as well as clear up desk clutter.
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I bought a HH10, and love it. It's sort of odd though that when you buy direct from Senn is comes pre-assembled with no packaging, while in retail stores it's blister packed.
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ooh, nice.

okay, sold. gonna buy a pair next pay day.
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The stand is quite possibly the best headphone (non-DIY) stand I've ever used. It's really versative and well-built.
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Kept mine after selling the 595 as well.
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Its a wonder why Sennheiser doesn't bundle it with the HD650s.
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Agree with everyone above - such a versatile little gizmo - very handy and easy to use. Sturdy as well - good "clampage"!
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