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k81dj vs sony v6

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currently i have the mdr-v6. but i find it too bulky to lug around for portable use. so i've been looking at the k81s. are they smaller than the v6s? how does their sound compare to the v6s? would it be an upgrade.

basically, im looking for an upgrade from the v6's in both portability and sound quality. i'm willing to spend 100 bones, maybe a little more.

i've also been considering the vmoda vibes.
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The V6 and K81DJ are in the same ballpark, SQ-wise, though the latter have the disadvantage of being harder on the ears on long listening sessions; I've never had comfort issues with the V6.

I've not tried the V-Moda phones. However, the Audio-Technica ES7, at around $105 (at the lowest quote) have more articulate trebles, good mids, and acceptable bass. They're what I use for portable use. Another cool feature: they're portable, and flatten to fit into a backpack easily. A very attractive, well-made phone. a clear upgrade.

I've only mentioned closed phones, of course.
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thanks for the recommendation, are the es7's smaller in size than the v6, though?

and yes i'm only looking at closed phones.
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