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This thread is about love of sporks. I don't understand why they're not more popular, especially among bachelors. You've got half the cutlery to wash up, half to accidentally get knocked on the floor, etc. Yet, outside of Japan, you rarely find them in metal, re-usable versions. What's up with that?

Anyone else share my enthusiasm for sporks? Are there any good vendors of quality metal sporks you'd recommend? Anyone prefer the splayd (spork+a knife edge) to the spork?

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*smacks forehead* This should be in the Gear-Fi forums.
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I love combo cutlery!

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Knork! Combo Knife and Fork, In quality stailness steel no less!

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You have good taste... knork and ThinkPad. Where did you get that knork?
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think geek has a titanium spork
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The Knork is available from Not cheap, but they're built to last!

Same with the thinkpad really.. (It's a work issued computer alas. I can't afford one!)
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I'm still waiting the spork-phone.
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Originally Posted by no1likesme View Post
think geek has a titanium spork
I got a few folding titanium sporks from a group buy on EDC Forums.

Hard to explain, but it's pretty unpleasant to eat with them. Kind of like that nails on the chalkboard feeling when they scrape against your teeth.

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The spork is mans' greatest invention.
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So with the Knork, how do you hold the meat while you cut it? A spoon won't work very well and in most places using your hand wouldn't be acceptable.
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I've never had to hold the meat, the knife edge - (t's not THAT sharp, on the edge of the knork - which is pretty heavy) is curved, you use a rocking motion to cut stuff, like a little mezzaluna on the side of your fork.

Of course tough meat like awell cooked steak might be tricky, but these arent meant for that i believe, hence the steak knives on their website

but for day to day use, they're great. My wife can only use one hand, so to her they're invaluable.
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This could get big.
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I like the Knork. Might have to pick one of those up.

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i have never seen someone use a spork and have never been in a situation where i wish i had one.
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The ultimate spork is Snow Peak's.

Can't beat it!!!!
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