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Creative Zen Vision: M + Shure SE310 woes...

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I've been lurking around the forums for the past month and I need some advice.

I just got my Shure SE310s in the mail two days ago and I have to say I'm really disappointed with the sound that I get when I plug it into my Vision: M. There's hardly any bass and when I turn it up through the EQ, I get distorted weak bass really quickly...

With that said, when I plug it into my receiver + PC, I absolutely love the sound I get. With EQ adjustments the bass more than exceeds my basshead needs (I'm actually turning away from it now). I went from a pair of CX-300s that broke on me and the bass I can get with the SE310 is just as strong and even clearer (doesn't overpower everything else!)

So, what's the problem, doc? Would a portable amp fix me up? Do I need a player with better EQ options? I just need a boost to the bass because it's almost non-existent on my Zen.

Any advice is welcome!
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I used a not totally conventional method to kill the semblance and add a bit of bass to my favorite IEMs, I put a bit of packing foam material in the tubes, and it did the job. Also keeps wax from going to the speakers.
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I think I'm going to get a Sansa e240 to RockBox. Been wanting to get a flash MP3 player for a while and the RockBox EQ options sound like a plus. Anybody think that'll help my situation? (OP)
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No barefoot portable player will have the same power output/equalization abilities as your receiver + PC. If you want to drive a single-driver IEM to high bass levels you're probably going to need a decent external amp, or an IEM that produces bass more efficiently.

FWIW I get plenty of clean bass out of a ZVM when using an SE530.
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Thanks for the response. You've confirmed my suspicions. I'll look into a portable amp now. I think I'll be sticking with my SE310s though, I really like how they sound.

I wonder if I can find one at a FutureShop, BestBuy, Tom Lee, or A&B Sound... Or the Source... XD
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You might try going over to the amp forum on head-fi and asking for some recommendations based on your situation. I think you'll probably have to go mail order as I don't think this is a common enough item to be stocked by big box retailers.
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I have a pair of shure e5c's and a ZV:M and don't have the bass problem. I'd have to agree that it's because of the weak portable output with your single driver IEM. Be aware that the ZVM isn't a good player and even amped won't give to the best sound compared even to a moderately good source. If I were you I'd try and keep your (our) audiophile OCD in check and trying to get used to it before you blow more cash on an amp which still may leave you cold.
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Hey, I think it's solved... XD

Bought a Sansa 260 and RockBox'd it.

LOVE the sound now. Not quite as good as my receiver + PC but it's better than my ZVM.
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