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Re Go-Vibe artwork.

Ring the bell again, very simple, very nice.
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Just a quick note to let folks know that my amp, from the last batch, and ordered around September 17, was on my porch today when I got home. Very cool little gizmo. - Pat
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I wonder how much of a difference there is between the Eco and Max versions. I got one of the last Ecos and it sounds great. It keeps up with my Hornet rather well. They both have their strengths, but it's amazing that this was 1/3 of the price.

Also does anyone have any recommendations for a decent case for the amp? I'd rather not scratch it while traveling...
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Hmmm... GoVibe V7? Wow. Somehow I missed it

Where can it be bought?
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There are no more left. Unless the new supplier of them makes more. Norm is leaving the business.
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GV 7 Eco gain 4, 2nd batch
Ordered 09/18
Shipped 10/02
Received 10/09 Richmond, VA

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Just received my Go-Vibe V7 . Ordered approx 12 Sept - shipped 2 Oct - arrived here in Uk today. (Norm had emailed me saying will take approx 10 days - he was spot on!!) Mine is an Eco with Gain 2 (to use with IEMs)

My first impression - WOW! Love the sound a lot - plenty of bass but very warm mids and still clear highs ( apologies if i'm using "wrong" adjectives!! ). All I can say objectively is that my music sounds better with the V7 than with my Pocketamp 2v2. ( No disrespect to Gary at Electricavenues. The 2v2 is still a great amp for the price - and Gary's service is second to none - but the v7 absolutely is a step up!! I'm a very happy "2 amp owner " now.

My sources are Sony Hard Drive HD1 and HD5 ( and occasionally minidisc RH1 ) all line out into the V7 and then either Etymotic 6is or Superfi 5Pros. BUT ......... to test the V7 I dug out an old pair of Shure E3s hadnt used for ages. Always thought they sounded "flat" - too little bass but also no sparkling highs either. IMHO the v7 even brings these phones alive!! I'm a seriusly happy bunny!! Thanks to Norm - hope the "handover" to Jaben turns out well for alll concerned.
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Well, if anyone can put me in touch with Uncle Wilson from Jaben, I'd like to talk to him about using my artwork.
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Just noticed one tiny "cosmetic" thing re my hours old V7. If you check the pictures in this thread - post 64 shows the Vibe with a kind of "rubberised edging " at both ends - whereas Dual's pictures in post 24 have no edging at all. (Mine has the edging) Just wonder if the earlier poster had actually removed the edging (Dual?) or not?

(Reason I'm asking is that I'll probably "Velcro dot" the amp to the player and it will lie flatter if that "edge" material is removed. Wondering if it is removeable? Or needs to be cut/scraped off?
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It is not rubber, it a plastic endcap which comes on the basic models. The regular versions of both Eco and Max came in the standard case.
But if you paid the $25 more to get the custom end panels, you got the Max "Extra" or Eco "Extra" versions, with the silver endcaps.
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Ok -thanks Ipodpj. Understand now. Appreciate your time and trouble to reply. I am loving the sound of this new amp. I've read on these forums that Norm (Go-Vibe) does not believe in burn-in to any great extent- I'm reserving judgement - I think this thing sounds pretty fine now. If it gets any better I'll be in audio heaven!!
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I got my go vibe eco7 a few days ago and also think it sounds great. I also have a few other amps (but not with me at the moment) and for what i am using it for it really is good.

i am stuck simply plugging it into a laptop right now but also have a maxxed out portaphile with me now, which honestly is much better but so good its not really enjoyable with with my current weak setup. because its too revealing.

IPodPJ what is in your opinion the flaws in the eco7? I read in an other thread you recommended not to get it.

Also I dont even know the specs on this or the other models. I simply needed a inexpensive amp as I said my portaphile was to dang good for the moment hehehe

I have a bunch of headphones and a few other amps but not with me now. so for now i have hd580 and eco7 which i think is fairly good for just a laptop to listen to. the portaphile is also good if i am hearing a lossless file but if i hear mp3's it's often a drag to hear the degraded quality. I never noticed it as much as I do with the portaphile so I puprosely downgraded to simply get a sound that was smoother and honestly this eco7 sounds smooth and clear and fairly neutral.
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Like Rickio I've noticed a few slightly negative comments re the V7 Eco. Is it the case that the "Max" version is better able to drive full size cans whereas the Eco might not be so well matched?? I'm very pleased with the sound of my Eco - but i'm using IEMS exclusively - and my reference point is just a Pocketamp2v2. ( itself a fine amp at the price imho)

As posters in lots of threads on this forum have said - this is all something of a learning curve!! Two years ago I was "stock headphones" - then Etys/Superfis/Shuresetc - then PA2v2 - now a Go-vibe.................!! I have an awful feeling that "once bitten" this process never stops(LOL) - my wallet has just gone into hiding!!

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Rickio, I'm just basing that on opinions I've been told by other people who own it. I only have the Max, so I have no idea how the Eco sounds. But the Max has a good strong power level (200mW+), and I couldn't see myself using anything less in the future.
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anyone know how i can contact norm?

i heard he sold the rights to someone in singapore... i hope i can get my amp fixed either way.
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