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Go-Vibe V7 arrived!

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Ok, well mine didn't, should be here tomorrow or next week.

But I know several of you DID get yours, so I'd like to hear your initial impressions please.

But first please state which model you bought (V7 Max, V7 Eco, V7 Max Extra, V7 Eco Extra), knob color, LED color, charging circuit turned on or off, gain setting (2, 3, 4), and if you bought it with a rechargable battery and/or the 12VDC adaptor.

I bought:
Go-Vibe V7 Max Extra (fully loaded, oh yeah!)
Black Knob
Blue LED
Charging Circuit activated
Gain setting of 3 (medium)
Rechargeable battery - YES
12VDC regulated adaptor - YES

As soon as mine arrives, I'll give some initial impressions. In the mean time, please share yours. I know several of you have received them already, so spill the beans.
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How much was Norm selling them for while they were in stock?
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Yes I'd like to know that too.
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I think I remember someone saying $101 shipped for the eco version
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Im also waiting for mine to arrive.

My configuration:

Go-Vibe V7 Max "Extra"
Silver Knob
Blue LED
Active charging circuit
Gain of 3

I have my own batteries. Vapex and PowerEx 9.6v NiMH.
Got a 12VDC adaptor from Dick Smith too.
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Originally Posted by kugino View Post
Talk about quick turnaround.
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I love this amp. It's the most natural sounding, most transparent portable I've heard. My sr71 sounds blacker and tighter at the edges but also more compressed and treble-smeared by comparison. Too bad there won't be a go-vibe v8.
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Seems very lucid and defined out of the box. Norm indicated to me that he is not a burn in believer with his GoVibes so I am not anticipating much change.
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Ya please. Someone post some impressions! Norm's last amp should be a ButtKicker specially considering the price
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atx and dw6928,

Please tell us what models you got. See my first post for the questions I would like you to answer.

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Some pics of the amp would be nice as well.
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The physical appearance is identical to the 3 other GoVibes I have had other than the 2 silver screws that hold the backplate on. It is demonstrably better than my GoVibe 5. I just did an a/b with my Corda Move using the amp only on the Move. The GoVibe was able to hold its own. It lacks a bit on engagement and soundstage and certainly on bass but it has great energy (GV) and the instrumentation is clear and tracks are well defined and never "schmered". It is an absolute delight. Earlier Govibes ( to me) were fun portables,this is a serious amplifier. It drives my Denon D2000 effortlessly (I have gain 3 I believe). It is both warm when it needs to be and exciting and involving. Norm indicated that he does not believe in burn in and I have noted absolutely no changes in the amp since I opened the box. Mine is not set up for recharging and is a Max version.
With the quantum leap Norm has made in V.7, I am sorry
the GoVibes have come to an end. V8 might have been all the Corda Move could have handled at a fraction of the price.
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Originally Posted by echooo View Post
Seems delicious! And what about warmth of sound?
I don't sense any "warmness" or "coolness" which is what I implied by transparent. Even my Aria is a little on the warm side but the GV7 is just about perfect body temperature.. I can't really tell. My Aria has better soundstage and separation, technically a superior performer, but the gv7 is even more natural sounding and aesthetically pleasing-- a superior presentation. I'm surprised at how well this amp handles my dt-880.

Originally Posted by IPodPJ
Please tell us what models you got. See my first post for the questions I would like you to answer.
v7 max, silver knob, blue led, charging circuit off, gain 2. no rechargeable batteries (already have them) or adapter.
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That makes me real glad to hear that. I'm really excited for mine to arrive now. I also got the V7 Max Extra with the gain of 3 this time. All my other go-vibes have low gain. And this V7 supposedly has a lot more power anyway, which I feel my headphones need to get the full force out of them. I also have the Denons, but I have the D5000. I'm looking forward to hearing this little amp. Norm finally comes up with a real contender and now he's leaving. Oh well, I wish him the very best. His Go-Vibe V5 was my first amp, his V6 was my second, and now this V7 will be my third, so I've only known amps through the experience of Norm.

Someone should continue his amp line, since he is offering. And if they do, contact me. I designed a whole logo concept set for his amps. They look nice. He never wanted to add that element to his amps, he always wanted to keep them simple. But if someone does carry the line, let me know. I have logos for you to use.

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