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I agree with Anthonyfirst. If you prefer high, choose ER4.
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X2 on Er4, but I'm satisfied with my IM716.... warmer sound than ER4.... will try modded with lower resistance to boost the bass yet maintain the quality...
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I don't think it's a question of the quantity of highs but the quality. For good quality highs I would go with ER-4P. I find the E4 to sound pretty harsh in the high end, and although people say it's warmer than the Etymotic, I call that bloated low mids. Yes, they seem warmer, but personally I want warmth only when the music calls for it, and brightness when the music calls for it, and deep bass when the music calls for it. The Etymotics give me that. E4s give warmth (bloated low mids) all the time. Especially noticable when you listen to just one lone female voice. You'll hear low mid padding on her voice in the E4 (as if amplified by a cheap mic and a PA system with bass turned up), but you will hear clear, realistic female voice from the ER-4 (as if she is standing in front of you and talking almost directly into your ears). And for the actual low end, Etymotics extend way deeper, but at a flatter and lower volume. Once you allow your ears to get use to this tightness and clarity of low frequencies, I don't think you will find it lacking very much.
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The im716 is so cheap now that you can go with those and save some cash for the UM3.... If they are ever released...

Otherwise my vote goes to the ER4
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Originally Posted by Antony6555 View Post
Can you use the Shure black foamies with the ER-4p?
Yes, because I do and I'm happy with the results
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