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My Final Set-Up Already?!

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Even though my CKK3 and Opus are both still being built, I have a strong feeling that I will be done once they come in. My interest for other headphones has seemingly died out day after day, and I dont know why. Its like a sudden shock hit me saying, hey, those RS1s sounded like $%^&, you dont want them along with Beyers. It may be that my brand loyalty has completely taken me over, or that I no longer care about what it sounds like, which I doubt is the case. I've tried switching to various types of music (Everything now but Country and some Classical), and still nothing. Has anyone had a similar experience this early in the game? I've only been into this for 8 months, and I already feel satisfied, yet others have been here for years andare still searching/adding to their setup. Is there something that I havent done that will spark interest into other brands?
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<<<golf clap>>>
Good for you I say. If you're happy, then enjoy the tunes!
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that's what they all say ... you'll be back.

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Yeah, I'm pretty close to done myself. I've replaced my CKKIII with a Bijou. Pretty happy with the headphones I have. Might want to give beyer's a shot one day, but I think i'm done with Audio Technicas.
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I drifted away for a while, but came crawling back. The sickness only needs the tiniest of infection to fester. Still, my rig has changed pathetically little since Ive joined Headfi. Ive gone from an M Audio Transit to an Emu 0404 USB. Thats it! All this time and one freaking change. Granted I bought my amp and headphones before I officially joined, but that only makes it worse.

....But I start my new job on Monday

I have absolutely no intention of ever getting rid of my HD650s. I may add other flavors along the way, but... you'll have to pry the senns from my cold dead hands. I've seen some other users go from HD650s to uber expensive electrostats, closed phones, etc and come back to the HD650s in the end. I know Akwok comes to mind. He has had the privilege of trying just about everything out there.

Now as far as source goes, that is another story. I plan on getting a Lavry DA10 for computer audio purposes, and adding the Resolution Audio Opus 21 cd player for the non-computer stuff.
As far as amps go, I really like the Ray Samuels house sound, and plan on owning the Apache within the next several months, and further down the road a B52.

But even then I wont be done. There will always be something else. I have made a personal vow to avoid vinyl, since I know it will consume my life if I even head down that path.

I would say the one thing that has always remained the same is the pairing of the computer with my listening. It is so much more fun than sitting in a dark corner of the room staring at the walls, in my opinion. For that reason I intend to stay in the digital domain. Besides, without the computer, I cant browse headfi
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If you feel as though you've reached the end of your upgrading, then I say embrace it and be glad. Now you can spend your money on other things...
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I, too, am happy with what I have, but have you been to a meet with really great gear yet? There's a lot to explore out there.
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Just relax and take your time listening to music. The gear is far from as important as the music. Enjoy your music for a while, and interest in other setups will come again after a while when you've become used to your system. If that interest doesn't return, then that's even better.
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don't attend any meets and stay away from head-fi and you'll be fine...i was pretty happy with my system earlier this year until i heard some k1000s and the tape reel source at headfest. now i'm saving for a pair of k1000 and looking into a good vinyl rig as well...oh well.
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See you soon, desert boy!
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If you find a sound that you like and it fits well for your uses, then that's great.
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Originally Posted by feh1325 View Post
I've had itch, and if I were to it would go with a stereo system, which is a long way down the road (well, 6 months).

I really dont think I'll come crawling back for more, I seem really satified with what I have.
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Give it a year, youll be back.
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My final setup is always the next setup. I'm kidding, of course. My present setup is my final setup. Or is it?
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