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Originally Posted by MonolithTMA View Post
I hated the new Nano when I first saw the pictures of it. Then my Dad bought an 80 gig iPod Classic so I decided to check out the new Nano to see if the wonderful menu was the same. It has the same menu and it is great! Seeing pictures of the Nano did not do it justice. I now want one, but will have to scrape the money together first.
I had that same feeling when they first came out but like any apple product that I am not sure of...I end up wanting to buy it. I will have to go down to the store to check it out, it sounds like a great upgrade.
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Originally Posted by bloop View Post
The gym I frequent has had a few locker break-ins lately, so I don't know that I would get anything terribly expensive for gym use myself. Maybe I'm just paranoid like that.
Do you go to Results on the hill?
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Originally Posted by ipacmm View Post
That is good to know people don't mind working out with IEM's. That was my biggest concern.

Nice pic. How do you like the new Nano? I am planning on using my iphone credit to pick it up.
I like it more and more as I use it. Just flew across the country with it. Battery lasted the entire trip, back and forth, about 12 hours. Watched video podcasts, play a little game, music, looked at family photos, pretty cool. Now if only I can get a nice case for it. The back is already a little scratched !
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Sennheiser PMX-70 or OMX-70.
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I use Comply NR-10 at the gym.
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Good choice.

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As far as for working out I really don't care about having nice headphones while I exercise since I don't focus on the music as much. Just some background sound to dull out the pain. I'd recommend getting a cheap pair of headphones and replace them every few months as they break though my Sony MDR-J10 pair has lasted for months even with me running in rain and snow.

The ones with the clips that go around your ears work best for me. It may be painful to listen to lousy sounding headphones but not nearly as painful as spending money on another pair of expensive phones if they break while working out.

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Originally Posted by aquamacs View Post

Good choice.


A 5 1/2 year old thread bump to say good choice?  LOLOL.

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