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FS: balanced L3000s

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I just haven't been listening to them since I got my speakers, and realized that I could probably get a very nice new laptop if I sold them.

So this is an interest check.

I'm the third-owner; this pair was sold to me by Icarium, who I think bought it from gaijin.

They are recabled with Alex's (AKZip of a APureSound) current top-of-the-line cables (it's silver-plated copper with cotton inner-sleeving and tech-flex outer sleevin) to balanced configuration, and I have an adaptor for single-ended use that's made from the same material. I have the case, and a pair of new leather pads still unopened in their packaging. I will also include the stock cable.

Pictures: these are taken by Alex, and I'm using them because they are much better than what I can take with my crappy camera.

My pair is the one in the foreground

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Okay, now these are officially for sale.

I'm looking for $2350 shipped within the US.
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Michael, please email me as i'm having pm issues.
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Those are definately a beautiful pair - i had a chance to see them in person when alex was recabling these!

They were indeed in wonderful shape when i saw them! Good luck with the sale!
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Dave, email sent.
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