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Russ sent me some sil pads for my BJT Millet Hybrid MAX. He offered to send them to me at not cost (what a generous guy), so now I'm going to install them right now. Would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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business? its pleasure thanks..
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Russ and i shared 20 sprague VIT Q capacitors between us from ebay, as we both wanted them in our MAX's.

A pleasure to deal with, payed quickly, and he's happy as he has lots of bubble wrap to pop now


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Russ built me an Alien DAC and iPod LOD.

Excellent builder! He was very communicative and kept me updated at every step of the process.

It was a pleasure doing business with him.

It looks like i am coming back for more after my wallet replenishes itself.
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Got an iPod LOD made, was very helpful through the exchange and even put up with my stupid questions! Made a quick mock up for me too so I could see what the cable and techflex would look like. Was a plesure to deal with!
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I bought an Alien Dac (made by him) from him, it is looking very sturdy and working perfect it has even an artwork inside ^^. He is a great builder and a good man, pleasure to do bussiness with him.
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Russ re-built my AlienDAC after I miserably failed trying to DI-Myself.
Upgraded caps to BlackGates too, and it sounds beautiful with my DV332.
Didn't cost me much and he threw in some extras too.

Absolutely recommended. Thanks, man.
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