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igrado problem

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It seems this has happened with many of my headphones in the past---after a while (I've had iGrado for 8 months), music only comes into one channel unless I play with the headphone jack-to-mini, wiggle it around, apply pressure, but it comes in and out. It's annoying.

I bought this iGrado from TTVJ back in December, I am wondering how I can go about getting it replaced? From TTVJ or Grado?

I'm also wondering what this problem is actually called and how it can be prevented in the future.
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Could it be your source has a faulty jack, instead of your headphones having a faulty plug?
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Yeah I assumed this way possible but then I tried it on my ipod and laptop and it seems like it's a problem with the headphone.
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Probably a loose wire in the plug. I'd contact grado about getting them serviced.
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I know I'm bumping an old thread but I just went through this exact situation with my iGrado's.
I sent them in to Grado for repairs, shipped back to me today and I am impressed.smily_headphones1.gif

I had thought that these were kind of in the "disposable" spectrum of headphones, nothing could be further from the truth, kudos to Grado, with service like this short of destroying them I feel supremely confident that I will have these for a very long time.
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