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Best SE530 + Portable AMP Combo?

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Hey Guys!

I'm proud to say that I'm going to be a new owner of the Shure E500/SE530! Woot! I've head some praises and critiques of the SE530s and in general people say getting an amp greatly improves the sound of the SE530s.

Now the question is: What amp do you think best compliments the SE530?

I've heard that it's amazing with the Hornet M or Tomahawk so far. Any seconds or suggestions?

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I just realized I posted this is the wrong forum. It should have been posted in the AMP forum huh?

Could someone move this please? thanks
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Well I mostly use my X1 with my e-500, I have also got the Ibasso T2 and a philips stationary amp, and of those 3 i like the x1 the best..
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i also would like to know what pairs best with the se530 i currently have the hornet on my shortlist,gotta go through the hassle of shipping tho
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A lot of people on the board, IIRC, like the RSA Tomahawk with the SE530/E500's.
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I use the portaphile maxed V2^2 with my E500s ,perfect match.Battery life may be your only concern.
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I found the Tomahawk to be a perfect match with the E500's.
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MY SE530's are also coupled up with a RSA Hornet. I say that they are slightly improved through the amp but the difference is more noticeable with I listening with my AKG K701's though.
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i never had that cute shure but seem there are lots of ppl choosing tomohawk.
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I can attest to the Tomahawk + Shure combo to be out of this world. Now you'll need to worry about the very good source and interconnects.

But I wonder is the Hornet sounds the same as the Tomahawk?
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an outboard dac helps immensely. I've used the microDAC->heimdall->sr-71 and it is leaps and bounds better than any dap or pcdp I've used.
same with iBasso D1
the dac (and an amp after that) allows me to listen for extended periods without fatigue. Better separation, clarity, etc.
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I also have the microDAC with my H140 but i didtched it for portable use. I can also recommend the Tomahawk with the SE530's. I did have the SR-71 but getting the perfect volume was a bit fiddly at times.
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