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JVC Marshmallows V2 are here! Introducing the JVC HA-FX66!

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JVC HA-FX66 Press Release wrote ...

"The HA-FX66 headphones tackle that problem by using a soft silicon rubber air cushion for the earpiece body. In addition, the headphones come with three different size silicon rubber and memory foam cushion earpieces for the best possible fit. The result is an in-ear headphone that stays securely in place while remaining comfortable. What's more, the design also provides superior isolation from background noise, allowing the user to get the most out of the headphone's 8.5mm neodymium driver. Noise caused by cord movement is also minimized because of the headphone's Friction Noise Reduction Cord vibration-proof structure."
These are now officially on sale. Who will try them out and report back to us for a price under $30?
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I saw those, apparently they're focused on comfort more than anything, that was what they were pushing about them at least. They look like a good choice since they will be extremely cheap.
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I think the improved look of these, along with the lessened microphonics will be all that is needed to replace the old Marshmallows.
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sounds very good for a pair of el cheapo earphones
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Might have to get these and kramer mod my v1s if the v2s are better
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i found the first marshmellows quite offending to my ears, i wonder if these are any better ?
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Originally Posted by neoufo51 View Post
These are now officially on sale.
Where? The internets are giving me nuthin' (including JVC America).
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Yeah what the hell, I'll take one for the team and go grab a pair of these badboys ASAP and let you know my impressions once I burn them in.
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Yeah, I can't find them for sale yet. Most sites don't even have demo models apparently at this point.
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Hmmmm, I guess they aren't for sale yet. Sorry guys.
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They're here

Just bought the HA-FX66 at Circuit City (also available on their site). Running them with a Meizu M6 and as far as I'm concerned, they sound great. Seem to be more detailed than the Marshmallows and after some burn-in (not much) the bass settled down. Very comfortable and well made. For $34 I doubt you'd find a better value in a canal phone. CC had them in red and black. Quite nice!
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So they are more expensive, but still sound good? That's nice to know. These look like they would work better than the old ones for me. The old version reminded me of the Koss Plug, which was not that good at getting a seal with the stock tips. These look like typical canalphones and should be serious winners. I'll wait to see a few more reviews before these would be something I would trust to recommend to someone though. There were no worries when recommending the old ones, these sound like they will be a worth successor though.
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I saw them on the site i'll order them soon i can't wait and yeah they look bad ass in red and black
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How does these look when worn?
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I will post a review later when I am done evaluating them, but these blow the original marshmallows away (MMv1)! They sound too good to call Marshmallow v2. For $37 at Circuit City with tax and free shipping they are much nicer.

I have had some lime-green marshmallows laying around for occasional use, and liked them better than the Sennheiser CX300's that I GAVE AWAY. The green MM were the reason I picked green for my 3G nano. Now, despite the switch to red, I am ready to give away the original marshmallows too. These also beat the Shure E2c, and Bose IE from my memory of those...

Music less muffled and more detailed than MMv1 (still listening), with good bass but not muddy like the original, and not as dark of a sound signature but brighter and more balanced and open. Kinda like an Er6i without the upper mids harshness and with more bass

So, what happened, where did these come from all of a sudden? Now I'll have to tear open my new but 2 month old still sealed Koss KSC75 to compare to these...
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