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Looking for Budget (~$30) Speakers

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Hi there everyone, like the title suggests - I'm looking for some budget level speakers. As a starving, poor college student I'm not looking to really spend more than around $30, main uses would simply be listening to (decently loudly) mostly rock music. I realize that I'm not going to get something great (more like something horrible) at this level, but I would like to be able to hear my music without turning to the MS1 or E4G (or the built in laptop speakers). Any Suggestions?

Obviously 2.1 is fine and probably ideal for this situation (yay dorms!)

Thoughts on
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If $30 is a hard limit, then the Creatives are a much better option. If you want to spend 10 bucks more, get these logitechs. Also check out the Amazon Marketplace, newegg or ebay for better prices.
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Of those two, I'd go with the Creatives, simply because they have a subwoofer. I'm sitting in front of a pair of Logitech X-230s and can say that for the price, they aren't awful, but they're so warm and muddy-sounding it's ridiculous. No problems listening to poorly-recorded or low-bitrate music, though, so I guess that's a plus.
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Alright here we go - in this battle of budget speakers

Creative Inspire T3030
JBL Creature II
Amazon - White

Heavily leaning toward the creatures - hear they are a bargain in the $60 dollar range - now they're in the $40
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Now im interested in the Creature speakers too. My logitechs are about 4 years old now and are pretty banged up. Has anyone heard both and can compare SQ?
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Just a note drizek - with shipping cost is pretty much $50 - still a sweet deal I suppose
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Ya, they are about $48 from marketplace, but that is still fairly decent. They certainly look cool, but I want to know how they sound. They are $69 shipped on newegg.

Im just worried that they might have bloated bass after reading a bunch of comments like this: "The sound quality that is produced by this audio device is off the chain dawg."
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i just saw these, they look like a classy set of speakers. Need to read more reviews though.

They are the same price as teh creatures on amazon
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I've heard the Creatures first-hand and they sounded awful. Overhyped treble, no midrange, bloated one-note bass.

Regarding the Altec Lansings, note that two out of three reviewers had problems with radio frequency interference. That's a sign of horrible component quality, especially when most of the people who review these speakers are not critical listeners.

the_dong146, could you edit post #6 and shorten the URL? It's throwing off the thread spacing.
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Done infinitesymphony.

Right now I'm trying to keep in mind that well... what I'm going to get is going to suck, but then again we're talking major budget. Basically looking for something that will suck as little as possible, with small footprint a big plus, and so far I haven't seen anything better than the Creatures...

BTW Drizek - the speakers you pointed out are the same price as Amazon's shipped - shipping is a bit over $11..
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For that price, it's probably best to go with something from either Logitech or Creative. Taking the price into consideration, the Logitech X series is not bad.
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In other words between the Logitech X230 - and the Creatures - you would go for the X230s?

I have been reading other reviews, and the Creatures seem to be far more popular (though admittedly these reviewers are likely not quite head-fi members).
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newegg has a sale on the x230s. 5 bucks off, but shipping is 12..
Edit: just realized that that is basically the same price as amazon.
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Originally Posted by the_dong146 View Post
In other words between the Logitech X230 - and the Creatures - you would go for the X230s?
Yes, by far. The Creatures are popular because they look so funky; many people care more about looks than quality.
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*cough* skullcandy *cough*

Anyway, I have $30 credit on amazon so unless I find something else to spend money on, I think I will be getting a pair of logitechs as well.
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