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Originally Posted by robert1325 View Post
Just installed some Obbligato Capacitors , and the difference is not subtle.

More air and wider deeper soundstage, tighter bass , detailed ( spooky in some tracks) ... overall worth the 20 bucks. Sounds very real and relaxed now.
thanks for the impressions with the new caps.

are the changes to the sound signature all for the better, or are there any negative effects to the sound with the obbligatos [rolled off frequencies, less bass impact, etc.]?
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No negative aspects the highs are clearer more air and shimmer . bass is tighter with more impact , mids also have more body. Soundstage is bigger and it's easier to hear where the musicians are .

But none of this in an analytical way, it all sounds very musical and natural . not as fuzzy as it did with the blackgates.

the dac is something special with these caps. I would recommend doing this upgrade , it took me 1 hour ( it's in a strawberry basket) I can post some pictures later.
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WOW! I guess those two giant cans are the obbligatos? Yikes. They'd not fit in my little wooden case. I'm glad you are enjoying the setup so. On my own system the stock usb monica is all the things you describe with your upgrade. Guess I'm lucky and content for now.

I looked at the link you posted a ways back and wasn't sure which series of capacitors you got. There were many choices and I think I narrowed it down. Are they Obbligato Premium Film Oil Caps -solid or stranded leadouts from one end? And do you know the value offhand? The blackgates are so tiny my old eyes are useless reading the info. Thanks
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4,7uf Premium Film Oil caps... I think it''s solid but forgot to mention in order and got these . I use the same for my trends ta-10 amp .

If you're happy you should keep it , I already ordered them because I knew what an improvement they where over the trends bennic film caps. In this case the improvement was even bigger I felt.

The aluminium version should be a bit more analytical or neutral. the PIO's give a glorious midrange.
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OK. Cool. Those are the ones I saw on the DIY site. But I could not find any mention of Paper In Oil, it just says Premium Film Oil caps. At any rate you've tweaked my interest and I may try it. Need a bigger box!

Are you saying the improvement was bigger on the monica or the trends amp?

Thanks for the value; I was guessing 4.7uF after looking at the gainstage parts list. But it's good to check. I appreciate all your help and turning me onto the OB speakers also. But that's another can of worms
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Just another shout out for the Hawthorne Silver Iris 15's; I built my open baffles about 6 weeks ago. I'm just stunned by how good these speakers sound. It is difficult to describe...they don't do everything right, they just SOUND "right". They convey the emotional line of the music, whether it's voices or instruments.

And obviously, I have no woodworking skills either.
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Hey Sarchi. Nice speaks! What size is your baffle? I've been reading as much as I can take in on the concept. I have a small listening area and don't think I'd be able to get them far enough from the back wall. Yours seem pretty close tho. How big is your room?

My problem is that I have two P-Audio 12" coax speakers sitting here doing nothing. Extremely heavy duty PA drivers with a cast frame and a titanium pressure tweeter mounted inside the woofer. I am tempted to just whip up a coupla boards and guess at a simple x-over and see (hear) what happens. I already use a pair of subs so I'm not concerned with the bottom frequencies.
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The Hawthorne OB's are great bang for the buck They keep the music interesting and don't irritate like most speakers around this price point. Their bass is very realistic.

My room is also quite small and not ideal but they are still worth it even then.
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damn robert,
those obbligato caps are huge!
i had no idea.
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I did the same as robert1325, exchanged my caps with Obbligato ones. I've never heared such an analogue sounding DAC, it's beautiful

Monica USB:

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Anyone know how the Monica compares to the Headroom Micro DAC? I'm definitely in the market for a DAC, I believe.
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Anyone know how the Monica compares to the 0404 USB?
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I'd say that a comparison between the Monica and the 0404 USB would be apples and oranges.......non-OS DAC's are a different beast.
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