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yeo is putting together a usb module for me.

what are those obbligato pio caps you speak of?
are they for the gain stage?
what caps do they replace?
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I come from a Audigy 2 and it has no influence on USB monica 2,
I have the windows sound coming trough the audigy 2 and the foobar sound coming trough the monica 2 usb ( using asio4all) .

The monica 2 usb comes prebuild in either a box or naked, if you order her naked you'll have to hookup some RCA cables ( 4 soldering connections ) + a power supply ( wich you can get from YEO ) , very easy and I'm sure you'll get help either here at the diy section or on the diyparadise forum.


The obbligato paper in oil (pio) capacitors are to replace the blackgate output coupling capacitors ( the small red ones) They have a smoother more 3d sound , with more warmth or fullness and bass. they are rather big tough. you can get them at http://www.diyhifisupply.com/diyhs_ob_caps.htm

not to expensive and get very good reviews from diyaudio members and shootouts. some people don't think it matters much but when I changed my trends ta-10 outputs caps to obbligato, there was an immediate improvement in musicality and presence.

Quite an easy job to do ( I'm no diy expert at all, can't read schematics) so bare with me if I used some stupid words
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i'm no diy expert myself, robert.
your explanation was perfectly understandable to me though, thanks.

so, outside of the rca jacks, solder, and wire, do i also need to purchase an ac socket, on/off toggle, and led?

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That's your own choice,

I just got a nice philips interconnect and cut the connections of at one end, soldered them on the board.

Also did this for the Power supply... no sockets at all. And no switch either. Mine is taped stuck on a piece of cartbox. I'm going to put it in a nice plastic lunchbox once the obbligatoos are here .
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never thought of that before.
bypass all the external jacks and solder power and output straight onto the pcb.
i wouldn't mind seeing a picture of that if you get the time.
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I'll post some pics later

Edit ( here's monica , obbligato's have not arrived yet):

The cables for the power supply come already soldered on so you could just tape the leads together instead of soldering ( I put some solder on)

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I loved the HPDAC that i had. sounds great. Dunno if you can find one for sale anymore.
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thanks for the pictures, robert.
that'll look good when you get it all in your lunchbox.

i dig your speakers, too!
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Thanks, Open baffles
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Hey robert1325. I am a new usb monica owner too. I found that the bass opened up tremendously after only 10 hours or so. And it continues to the more I use it. Black Gates are famous for their 50-100 hour break in period. I'd be interested to hear your results with those new caps. They look fantastic, but I can't imagine the sound of this dac getting any better. It was great to see someone else's version of usb monica. She's a doll. I put mine in a little redwood box that is open on the bottom and back:

Your speakers are nice looking too. What size driver is that? Is it full range?
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Yeah, mine is getting better too now. Nice box you have there. The blackgates have been compared to other caps on the diyaudio forum, the obbligatoos and many other film caps performed better.

I noticed a big change when I replaced the film caps in my trends ta-10 amp so I think it's worth it, I'll let you know ofcourse.

Those are 15 inch Open baffle speakers, they are coaxial ,
( meaning tweeter in the middle)

see www.hawthorneaudio.com for more info. (the forum is nice)
Really great speakers for not a lot of money. They compare easily with commercial speakers 2x or 3x the price .
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Thanks for the link. That's a great site that I was unfamiliar with. Can't get enough of DIY audio!
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Just installed some Obbligato Capacitors , and the difference is not subtle.

More air and wider deeper soundstage, tighter bass , detailed ( spooky in some tracks) ... overall worth the 20 bucks. Sounds very real and relaxed now.
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I've done some looking but can't find it... where can i get the Monica 2 usb cased? thanks
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seem to be out of stock right now. Just email Yeo and he will fill you in.
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