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Originally Posted by thrice View Post
Having the same problem with Safari on Mac OS X 10.4.10; Safari 2.0.4
Exactly my configuration and I'm not having a problem...
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Originally Posted by braillediver View Post
Your Larry Craig Filter is set to “Wide Stance”?


I can hardly believe he's considering not resigning...

I'm having no problems with the layout here.
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im using Opera 9.22 and was having the same problem since last night. fit-to-width worked but cramped things. now the problem has gone away on its own.
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Right now checking from a computer at someone else's home, but also using Firefox Everything looks ok here.

Maybe the problem has been fixed, whatever it was. Will check later from my own computer.
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Problem has been fixed
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Originally Posted by kramer5150 View Post
Problem has been fixed
Seems you are right!
Cause I reproduced the issue with Opera 9.50 Beta earlier today, but now it looks fine.
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