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head-fi page layout??

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Is it just me... or is the forum, really "wide"?

Like there is no carriage returns anywhere and I have to side-scroll to read thread topics?

Is there a setting in Firefox to fix this? Its like every post has over-sized pictures, and the text runs off the page.


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I was going to post this very same thing.

Why are Head-Fi pages so wide today? Seems more of a problem rather than a new setting.
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its fine for me

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Your Larry Craig Filter is set to “Wide Stance”?

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I noticed it too. I hope it gets fixed.
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Head-Fi looks ok if I visit the page with IE. Apparently the problem is just with Firefox. My Firefox is btw, and does have the problem.
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Yup, really sucks. Might have to resort to IE7. Ugh.

<edit>Yup, works fine on IE7</edit>
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Same. Looks fine on IE. If i stretch Firefox to 2704 x 1818 (1024 x 768 on monitor 1 and 1680 x 1050 on monitor 2) things look fine
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I guess MS IE (yuk) for me too
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Same problem here.

Not going to go to IE, though. Never again.
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is mine okay because i have a widescreen moniter?
or is my firefox a freak?
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I'm using widescreen and it works for me too, looks like standard ratio trouble
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I'm having similar issues using Safari.
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It's happened to me before, but it seems to fix itself after a restart or log off , hmmm wierrrrd.
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I think its to do with the screen resolution.

Works fine on my widescreen PC, but on the 1024x768 laptop I need to sidescroll...
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