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I sold Gaara my Hornet. He paid immediately and was a great guy to deal with throughout the process. It couldn't have been a nicer transaction.
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I sold Jared a Signal Cable power cord and the transaction was flawless. He was communicative, polite and very quick to both pay and respond. Another great Head-Fier to deal with and definitely recommended.
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Sold Gaara my Senn Zu Cable. He paid quickly, communicated well, no complications easy to deal with.
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James sold me the Zu Mobius and Grado adapter. He communicates well, and we wrapped up the deal quickly. He shipped the package promptly, and I was amazed on how he packed the cables. It was an excellent transaction.
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Gaara purchased a XBox 360 wireless adapter from me. Communication was great and he paid quickly. No complaints here.
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I purchased 3 Quail power cables from James. He's communication was excellent, he shipped quickly and he was a pleasure to deal with.
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Gaara bought my SB3 and n_maher ps. Communication was excellent. He sent a check, cleared without a problem. Great transaction.
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Gaara sold me some video games. He was helpful and went the extra mile throughout the process, everything arrived in good condition, his shipping was very quick, and everything was meticulously packaged. Great guy to deal with
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I bought some rca attenuators from James for a very fair price. He ships with care. Great guy to deal with!
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Gaara sold me a zu mobius cable for sennheisers and was great to deal with. Item was exactly as described and packed with care, with extra attention to protecting the connector hardware and jacks. Shipped very quickly. Highly recommended.
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Just completed a flawless transaction with UPC-200 power center plus cash for his RWA Fully Modded Squeezebox3 + Bolder Rev1 PSU. Communication was excellent, shipping super quick, items were perfectly described. Couldn't ask more of another headfier, he's truly a great guy to deal with. I look forward to future transactions with Gaara.
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I sold Gaara a pair of icepower modules. He paid quickly and was a good buyer.
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Sold Gaara a high end DIY cable. Very nice transaction with no issues. I would highly recommend him to others.
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Sold a modded Squeezebox to Gaara. The transaction went quickly and flawlessly. I'd happily sell to him again.
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I purchased James' Trends Audio TA-10.1 speaker amp. The amp was packaged well, shipped quickly, and as described. I wouldn't hesitate to work with James again.

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