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F/S AKG 701's

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Up for sale on ebay

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$40.00 with 22 hours left come on great deal hear
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are these yours or someone elses? it's not entirely clear.
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Originally Posted by daveDerek View Post
are these yours or someone elses? it's not entirely clear.
Good question indeed.
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Forty bucks for shipping?
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yes the only effective way is paying premium shipping prices to the USA Ive tryed shipping ground from Canada but i've seen it takes months to arrive to its destination. Anyways less than 2 hours left bid away id prefer that some one local buys these so I don't have to ship at all
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Mine the Gramophone is a retail store in Edmonton not another headfi member
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this kinda post should be prohibited in the f/s forum. you either sell it here or you dont. dont post your ebay stuff up. if this isn't yours, then what's your intention?
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Settle down, If the process in which I have conducted business in is prohibited by this conglomerate of fine headfiers's, I am deeply sorry. Though I have seen other such post's boasting of third party auctions such as E-bay and audiogon consistently in the past.
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if all you want to do here, in this board, is sales. that is fine. but this is a head-fi for sale forum. not a forum to post your ebay ads to draw extra interests for YOU. UNDERSTAND? if you want more interest for your sales, post your ads elsewhere. if everyone starts doing what you are doing, then we'll lose the integrity of this head-fi forum.

it's people like you that ruins a great community like this board. ppl here are interested in audio, not business for profit.
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