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Happy Birthday jpelg! - Page 3

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You made another one....keep up the good work!
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Happy Birthday James!

Have a great one Buddy!
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Happy B-Day!
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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday Jimmy!
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All the best, Jim.
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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy birthday Jimmy. Hope you had a great day.
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À la recherche du temps perdu

(…in my case it's wishful thinking…)

…sorry…no room for the wine…
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Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
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Wellll, as long I brought up yer "Wine, Women & Song" motto -- sort of -- and "…recherce du …" well of les femmes, really --

So, anyway -- I might as well include the ever-lovin' pogo's Birthday Song cruise, since Churchy La Femme is as the helm:

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Hey Jim … whatjado … move to DFW already? Ohhh … I see. Have a great weekend.
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Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. Now well into my sixth year hear on Head-Fi, I am still quite overwhelmed at the level of comradery that we have here, and how willing most are willing to express that toward each other.

Thanks so much, Peter, for that wonderful, artistic collage! I assure you that it is far more optimistic of my exploits than my real life, but I do appreciate your confidence in my abilities.

Please forgive the late response to this thread. While I did manage to pop into Head-Fi a bit over the last few days, most of the past week has been spent with my visiting girlfriend, as well as seeing family & local friends. Such time spent is the best present of all, & it has been quite nice.

Now that my nose is back to the proverbial grindstone, I must be content carving out the few solitary moments of pleasure in the evenings with my audio system. As some of you may know, I splurged on a new source recently & am loving it as I take it thru its first 400-500hrs of required burn-in. In another fit of selfishness, I splurged again over the weekend by purchasing a pair of outrageously expensive Bendix 6900 tubes to bring it even further. Hopefully they are all that some claim *fingerscrossed*.

Anyway, thanks again you fine ladies & gents. Much appreciated!

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Glad to hear you had a fulfilling extended birthday!
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