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Originally Posted by rvcjew View Post

Nice I didn't go naked as I have the raystorm but still rock the ultra under the IHS and yes I did literally drop about 20c-30c depending on applications. I have a 4770k though.

EDIT: I used the vice method if your looking for a tutorial this one is good it's what I did, it took one wack and mine just came apart. It goes on like water color paint basically, just be patient and don't use too much. http://imgur.com/a/Z3Fea

Yeah vice method definitely looks like the way to go, unfortunately I don't have a nice crisp bench vice like that just my little dremel vice, the rubber grips are an advantage though and a little flex might squeeze it off nicely, got a 1155 celeron or something rattling around that would make a good test subject, need to check if they soldered those though.  Still been too busy to have a crack, hopefully get a free afternoon soon, good opportunity to inspect the rest of the water gear while I'm fitting it.

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Originally Posted by Adamsolympia View Post



  I don't have any experience building with silence in mind. In the past, I've always just thrown in the crap-ton of fans and only had my eye toward performance. I have to say, though  - with my latest build evolution I went with a  Thermaltake v71 case loaded with nothing but the 3 200mm fans it came with, in addition to a quiet 140mm fan for exhaust,   and I've been amazed at how quiet it is. The 200mm fans seem to make all the difference. (That and the case is built like a tank, so nothing to rattle)  


Good luck on your build. I'm in the market for some SSDs as well, so many choices! I'm currently looking at intel 730 , but haven't spent a lot of time yet comparing. 

My last setup was silent focused with much of the guts I run now, massive heatsink on the CPU, passive GPU and just ran 1 x 140mm noctua case fan.  It ran hot, but the lidded 3770K runs hot anyway, no room for OC or anything like that but could not be heard in an XL R2 define.  8 fans over rads now still runs quiet under sensible ambients with nice low temps at low loads, crank the load up though and I'm glad I always have the cans handy.

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got a 2012 27 inch mac desktop 
3.4Ghz i7 over clocks to 3.9
3 TB Fusion Drive

4TB G drive usb 3.0 backup
1 powered external 1TB Drive for samples and other spare room for my computer's drive.
and my 1 TB powered external for travel.

Running Logic 9, Ableton 9, Reason 7

This computer has been a champ ever since i got it! runs faster than most peoples computers today so no reason to complain.

currently setting up a new 64 bit machine tho...
15 inch MBP 5k retina
2.5ghz i7 

gunna be running Logic X(soon) and Ableton 9 on this one all ready to go.

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I have:


MBU: Asus maximus VII Hero.Z97

CPU: Intel I5 4690K OC 4.7Ghz.1.3V

Ram:Corsair Vengeance 2133Mhz 2x4 Gb.Going to upgrade to 16Gb

PSU:Evga G2 750W Fully modular.


SSD:Samsung evo 840 250Gb.

HDD:Wd blue 1tb

Cooler:Corsair h105 with 2x120Mm quiet fans with red led from corsair.

Case: NZXT H440

Monitor:Dell u2414h

Mouse:Logitech g502

Microphone:ISK CRU1 With suspension arm and filter.


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Intel Core i5-4670k
Gigabye GA-Z87X-UD3H
G.Skill Sniper 2x8gb
Samsung 840 EVO 120gb     
Seagate Barracuda 1tb
MSI GeForce GTX 760 2gb
Fractal Define R4
OCZ ModxStream 600w


All I do on this is go on FB and watch hearthstone streams lol.

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Shrank everything down into a cute little M-ITX sized case, decided to keep my old sandy bridge chip rather than step up to skylake


Zotac H61 ITX Wi-fi with wifi upgraded to an Intel 7260

2500k @4.5khz w/ 16GB DDR3

Corsair H55 w/ Prolimatech Vortex slim pwm fan

Zotac GTX970

Dual 250GB in RAID0 and 1TB WD Black

Silverstone Milo ML07 + SFX-L 500w PSU

Dual Nanoxia 120mm fans

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