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New PC - well, i've been building it over time


MB: Asus Maximus V Gene

CPU: Intel I5 3570k

RAM: Gskill RipjawsX 2133mhz C9 16gb soon to be 32.

PSU: Seasonic SS-660-XP2

HSF: Noctua D14 SE2011 with lga1155 bracket - this version of the D14 comes with PWM fans.

HDD: WD SE 4tb enterprise drive, Samsung green 3tb, WD caviar black 2.5" 250gb

SSD: Mushkin Atlas 240gb (C:)

Antec NSK3480 case

AOC i2470pwqu 24" IPS monitor and an old 15" HP f1523 4:3 LCD


No dedicated GPU yet.. in a few weeks, not decided what to get, probably R7 265 or R9 270, will be getting another SSD with it. Got a CM Storm Quickfire TK Stealth keyboard coming and a 360 wireless pad. Thinking about a logitech performance mouse mx. Have a Gigabyte M7800e at the moment. it's ok, no better.


The mighty Athlon XP-M still works, but had become too slow to be convenient. I'm still continually amazed at just how fast this 3570k is


This build is a first for me - mostly high end quality components, designed to a spec rather than what i could get.. and i loves it. Can't wait for the new peripherals :D