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Commodore C-128 expanded to 512k.

Hooked up to a 1571 and 1581 floppy drives.  :p

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Picked up a dual 2.0 Power Mac G5 as a secondary to use while the wife uses the main for schoolwork. 320gb hd, 5gb ram, running leopard. Gets the job done quite well considering its age!
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just an old mcAIr with 64 g inside...loaded with Audirvana music software laced over ITUNEs.. 

a reliable workhorse. Hooked a 2TB portable drive externally.

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mobo: maximus 6 hero

cpu: 4670k i5

gpu: gtx 770 sc 2gb

ram: gskill trident 2400 mhz 8gb

cpu cooling: h80i cooler/noctua fans

sound card: asus xonar essence SXT sound card (wonderful card, very much worth the price)

ssd+hdd: samsung 840 evo 120gb ssd + 2tb seagate

monitor: samsung u28d590d UHD (4K) monitor

psu: xfx 850 black

case: fractal define r4

keyboard+mouse: madcatz v7, razer naga hex red

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Mobo: AsRock Z77 Pro3
CPU: I5-3450@3.9GHz with Corsair H60
RAM : 16GBs DDR3@533MHz
GPU: Asus Radeon 7970 DirectCUII
HD: 120GB SSD, + 2TB, + 2x500GB, + 2TB Back up
PSU: Corsair HX750
Case: NZXT Switch 810 (Black)
Keyboard: daskeyboard
Mouse: Logitech G500s
Monitor: HP LP2065@1200x1600 + LG E2442@1920x1080 + Acer P243W@1920x1080
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Originally built this baby in 2012 and been upgrading it slowly ever since.  Next planned upgrade will be a larger storage drive (clouds can only do so much) and a better monitor for color grading.



CPU: i5 2500k@4.5 with Cooler Master Hyper 212

RAM: 32GB DDR3@1600mhz

GPU: MSI R7850 TwinFrozr

HD: 250gb Samsung EVO for boot, 1TB Western Digital Black for storage, several smaller ssds as swap drives for various photo/video gigs

PSU: Corsair CX430v2

Case: NZXT Tempest 210

Keyboard: Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

Mouse: Razer Taipan

Other: Wacom Bamboo Pen

Monitor: Sceptre 24" 1080 monitor

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Case; Corsiar 750d

Mobo: Asus maximus V Rampage 

CPU: i7 3770k @ 4.6 with a corsair h110 

RAM: 16GB Gskill ddr3 @ 1866

Graphics: 2x 4gb MSI 680's in SLI 

Storage: 256gb ssd, 2TB SSHD 

PSU: Corsair 860i

Keyboard: Corsair k70

Mouse: Corsair m40

Monitors: 27' LG 1080p ips, 27' korean using LG panel 1440p ips. 


Built it late 2012, got 2nd 680 this year which I regret :(. I should've sold it and bought a 780ti but SLI was too tempting lol. 


If anyone plays league/osu/d3 shoot me a pm if you wanna play! 

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