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New Ipod Shuffle

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Has there been any change in the new ipod shuffles apart from the new colours?
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Nope. Same price, same storage. Pretty overpriced by now if you ask me....
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haha, extremely overpriced.
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Any chance that the old shuffles will have dropped in price?
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over priced but they are nice for the gym. I still do not see why they could not have upgraded them to a 2-4GB version.
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4GB would be too much capacity for a screenless player. if you aren't attached to itunes, a 1GB zen stone is half the price. a 2GB zen stone plus is only $60

frozncore, the previous colors are $49 on the refurb store, but i think thats how much were before the announcement.
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Yeah, the Shuffles are really overpriced now, especially compared to the iPod Nano. However, they are still the best choice for the gym. No screens mean that you don't have to worry about them getting damaged. You can also clip them to your shorts or shirt. Of all the MP3 players I've tried, the Shuffle is the king of gym portables.
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I agree that the shuffle is overpriced but show me another player this small with good build quality.

Sure, the SQ isn't anything to get excited about but I find it has good synergy with KSC75.

I'd like to see it be 2GB for this price. As mentioned, a Zen Stone is a better deal although it's not as small nor classy(imo) looking.
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Perhaps a little overpriced. But when I'm in the gym with it and my 75s it's worth every penny.

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Creative Zen Stone sound pretty bad IMO - much, much worse than the iPod Shuffle 1st gen (I haven't heard the 2nd gen shuffle though).
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The colors are WAY tacky. They should have stuck with the old colors.
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I picked one up when they only came in silver. With Ety E6is I have zero complaints about SQ. Love the form factor. It is what it is.
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Originally Posted by zip22 View Post
haha, extremely overpriced.
And easy to lose...! Oh where are you, my 2nd gen shuffle...
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