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Bad News

This looks like a potential deal-breaker for me:

Quoted from ars technica article: "Unfortunately, the performance of Cover Flow, especially when a large iPod library is present, feels like you're wading through molasses."

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Yeah, I'm starting to think I may wait a little while until I spend my $100.00 iPhone credit. Probably something everybody already knows, if so sorry. I found this this morning at iPodLounge...

"iPod classic tests reveal audio problems

Newly released audio measurements comparing the iPod classic to a fifth-generation iPod suggest problems with the newer iPod’s Cirrus Logic audio codec. Having initiated a discussion in Apple’s iPod classic forums, Marc Heijligers writes, “The measurements show is that the iPod Classic indeed has an uplift in treble, and its timing response is incorrect.” According to Heijigers, the new Cirrus Logic audio codec chip, which Roth Capital’s Jay Srivatsa says has replaced a chip from Wolfson Microelectronics inside the iPod classic, misaligns the arrival of treble detail relative to mids and bass, causing audio from the classic to lack “spatial information and a certain timbre.” Heijligers suggests that Apple may be able to fix the problem through a firmware update."
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ive debated selling my iphone credit on ebay for $75. But I will probably just get the imac I've been planning on getting anyway.
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Apple came out with 1.01 update for the classic. It is supposed to fix the lag issues with coverflow and in between menu screens.
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^ it does seem quicker after this update. Did it do anything for the lag issue? Either way I can't discern it. I think the classic sounds pretty good.
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For the boot time tests; I think it's cold boots not when the ipod goes to sleep. So if you use your ipod every day, it would not be a cold boot most of the time.
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They released an update for the touch the day after it released!
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Of course there are going to be problems with the first batch. There always are. However, with all the feedback they're getting, and most of the problems being firmware, I think it has potential to be a pretty solid player.
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Well Im going to do something I normally don't do: wait. The last Apple product I purchased new was lowered one third in cost after 2 months. I hope they continue to improve with updates, but more importantly, I really hope that, come next fall, we don't have an extinct player, in terms of the large hard drive format.
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Well, well, well...what do we have here?

So after searching for a while and enjoying every second listening to my DT770s i found this about the iTouch:


about 3/4 of the way down it says:

"The top of both boards. You can see the Wolfson chip to the left of the flash. This is interesting because the iPod Classic had a Cirrus audio chip, which has caused some initial concerns about audio quality. The iPod touch should not suffer from these problems. The chip is the same as that in the iPhone, WM8758BG."

Not sure if someone else ran into this yet, but is it a good chip?

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Wait, so could someone point out to me, if I was to buy any one of these, which is the best for me to get?

(dont really know much about audio and chips and stuff!)
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Well, it depends on your needs. If you need large capacity, the Classic would be a good choice. Keeping audio quality in mind though, the iTouch would be a better choice since it uses a Wolfson Chip. This is better than the Cirrus Logic chip found in the Classis and Nano. Dunno why they went this way, probably costs cutting manouvres. Also, to me it seems that the touch has a little better (read cleaner) output stage then the Nano and Classic. I compared it with my dads 3G nano, and it sounds like they coloured the sound in a ''U'' shape. It suits the majority of people, but not me. I demand my player to give me the most flat and most dynamic clean output possible. So for me, it's iTouch all the way.

I might just buy a Classic because of its capacity, and hook it up to my GoVibe through the line-out. I assume that this would bypass the pre-amp circuit, but not the Cirrus Chip I'm afraid.

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