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Is it worthwhile to mod a CDP?

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Topic is self explanatory. Is it worthwhle to have one's CDP modified/upgraded instead of buying a new one with the money one would spend on the upgrade (and of course the money from selling the old CDP). I understand that there's no easy answer, but just throw any thoughts you might have at me and I'll make something of them.
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I suppose it could be an answer. The only things there to mod really, are capacitors, opamps, maybe some pieces of the power supply like using higher grade regulators, nicer transformer maybe... Better power cable.

You really cant beef up the actual transport system, and better players sometimes have less jitter, and all that other huba-jube that helps prevent beam scattering and distortion. Same thing goes for the rather poor D/A converter that most CD players have built in.
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AudioAsylum people think it is worth it to mod a good cd player, like the SCD333ES because it already has a good DAC and very little jitter, and most of the weak parts can be upgraded.
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I just finished mod-ing my cdp. Opa2134 opamps, Cerafine caps and a much better power supply tranny. I would happily put it up against most of the readily avaliable players on the market. It now also makes the audio of my new dvd player sound silly.
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And what cdp would that be?
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Budgie: Where do you get OPamps from?
Any to spare me?
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anders213: You like In Flames?
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Very Much.
Have every single album of theirs.
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By modded CDP do you mean your portables? that's cool as heck!
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Originally posted by anders213
Very Much.
Have every single album of theirs.
I just recently started listening to them, so I only have Tokyo Showdown and Clayman. I like them a lot though, and it's cool that they're from Sweden like I am.
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IMHO........ Get all the albums if you can. Every single 1 is a masterpiece in its era.
Swedish Metal just rules.......... since.................... i dunno when. But it all started by:
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I got the opamps from Digikey. My player is a older Onkyo. It is a very cool player, compared to most I have seen. The transport is very well built, with a solid cast metal tray. Dual dac's and good power supply regulator's (opamp biased pass transistors). Pretty much dual mono except for the power supply. Model# DX-706
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LC Audio offers some very interesting options (clock upgrades, filters, drop in op-amp replacements)... check out

Something that may seem a lot more quirky to you (but I certainly believe and practice) are different footers and isolation devices. You can DIY or if you've got the cash look into the outrageously priced cones and spikes available in the audiomarket.
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My main headphone rig uses a $99 b-stock/open box DVD player, the Samsung DVD-709, modded by me with directions I got from Bobwire. All you have to do is replace a lot of the caps, and the rectifier diodes. Total parts cost is about $50. It competes very nicely with many $500 players, including my Rotel 951. But, this is just my humble opinion. If you want my spreadsheet giving directions and the parts list, send me a PM and I'll email it to you. You can still find the players on EBay, from reputable commercial sellers who offer warranty in case your unit is DOA.

Also, Stan Wright offers CD and DVD mods that people I trust seem to be crazy about.
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