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Ety's as good as Open ear dynamic headphones?

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I know they are completely different application products, however I have a pair of RS-2's and they are lovely, tight bass, very accurate and warm sound (may not be a very flat sound but very inviting).

I want to know if these very well rated earphones ETY would provide me the same kind of sound through ear buds?

Its just because I want great sound quality yet I don't want to leak sound out that much. The Rs-2's are horrible for my work as people always tell me to turn them down.

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Grado RS-2? of course they are, it might bot be everyone's cup of tea (coffee for those who don't drink tea....). But no one argues that they are anything but good headphones.
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Do you want the same type of sound as the RS-2, or sound that may be different but just as good, if not better? Because the Etys don't have a warm sound, they are extremely flat/neutral. However, they are also extremely musical and sound absolutely wonderful. Bass is extremely tight and the sound is incredibly transparent/detailed.
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Well, I haven't heard RS-2's, but I owned RS-1's, so I'll compare the ety's to those.

dhwilkin is right... at first I thought the ety's were going to be bright, but they're not. They're just not warm. They are neutral, flat, yet still very musical, transparent, detailed, all that good stuff. The more and more I listen to them, the more I like them better than my HD600's. The treble is just so fast and detailed, but never bright or fatiguing. So ya, they are going to sound alot different than the RS-2's (say bye bye to impact), but IMO, they sound better than maybe any headphone I've heard so far...
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As others have said, the Etys are amazing headphones, but they're very different than any other headphone. They have extremely flat, accurate response -- not warm, not bright. They also have very good bass, but it's MUCH different than the bass you experience on Grados -- you hear it but you really don't feel it.

The thing about Etys is that they take quite a bit of "getting use to" time. They sound different and they feel different. Most people get used to the sound; however, some people never seem to be able to get used to the fit.

Definitely an "audition necessary" headphone.
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Definitely an "audition necessary" headphone
and I would say that at least 3 weeks is necessary for that audition.
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