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What LCD would you buy?

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I"m thinking about buying my husband a new LCD tv this week for his birthday. I don't know very much about video=fi. We want to keep our entertainment center so I am a bit limited by size. I can do a 32" or possibly a 37" if its just the right measurements -- but most 37" that I've looked at are too tall w/the stand attached. I've been focussing on Sony, Samsung & my nephew is telling me that Westinghouse is well regarded. Hopefully some of you will have suggestions along with advice on what I should look for with any brand - features etc. Thanks for all your wisdom!!
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Check out AVS Forums : LINK. They have tons of info on LCD displays.
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Thanks Drewpy~ I have been reading on the AVS forums. There is tons of info there. I just wondered what suggestions head-fiers might have for me.
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Westinghouse is well-regarded, with good specs, and CHEAP! The last time I bought a television, I checked newegg.com for reviews and specs and then went to my local Best Buy to pick it up. Although bestbuy.com does have reviews, the ones on Newegg are better and more plentiful.

If it's really nice visuals that you're after, ensure that it's a 1080p set at 60hz and that there's no upsampling from a lower resolution. Honestly, though, 720p or 1080i is fine for regular viewing.

It's a lot like audio... you buy great cans but each time you upgrade a component you notice subtle differences, typically for the better. Also, you can have a great set but if you don't have the proper input (like an HD-DVD or Blu-ray player), you won't be reaching its full potential. For video, it's not worth it to me to get sucked into... but of course that's just a matter of personal taste hehe. Good luck in your search.
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I recommend Sharp over Samsung, Sony, and Westinghouse if you are not on a tight budget, hard to beat aquos in image quality not that the other ones are bad by any means. Westinghouse is definitely one of the better budget lcds, but I dont know if I would go as far as to say its well-regarded. Its good bang for the buck though thats for sure.
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I've owned 2 Sharp Aquos 52" LCD's and returned them both. Check AVS forums or cnet and you will see even the new models have the infamous "banding" issue. I didn't really know what it was but after about a month I started noticing shaded strips that were vertical and horizontal on my screen. They were only noticeable on scenes shot in certain light and when the camera would pan from left to right or up to down but they were there and once I noticed them they drove me nuts.

I ended up with a 52" Sony XBR3 that I have had for about 5 months... no clouding or any issues with it, I'm very happy.
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How much is your budget?
Sony xbr2 & 3 series are considered the best money can buy until xbr4 & 5 came out this coming month. Well, you can get a good bargain on the xbr2 & 3 now if you don't have the need to keep up with the new bell & whistle.
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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I just discovered that I can lower the shelf on the entertainment cabinet & I'll probly be able to squeeze a 37" into it! I"m planning to buy on Thursday & surprise him when he comes home from a business trip on Friday! I even have some friends ready to help me move the old tv into the other room!! I'm so excited to do this for my hubby. He's very difficult to surprise & I know he really wants one of these
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Let us know what you decide on! He'll DEFINITELY be way taken back; you can't go wrong buying your husband an LCD TV =)
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I recently purchased one of the newer Sony 32XBR4's for the bedroom. I am very, very pleased with the picture. There have been recent developments that have made a noticable improvement with LCD's. Sony has something they call "Motion Flow." Really, very impressive especially if your looking for a 32"...

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Well I ended up getting a 32" Sony xbr2 that was on clearance. Now I just have to borrow some muscles to get the old tv moved: I hope he likes it!
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i'm sure he will be. the xbr has supremely good styling, especially when it's powered on.

maybe you should dim the light, with the tv turn on and a black output screen. maybe you could surprise him more that way.
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He likes it We both wish it were bigger! Maybe we'll figure out a way to mod the cabinet so we can fit something bigger into it
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46 or 52 would be more ideal, depending on the distance. 32 is better suited for a desk monitor/tv.
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Well, we ended up with a 40" xbr4 today! Yesterday we brought home a 37" Toshiba & it just didn't compare to the Sony. So today we took the Toshiba back & brought home the xbr4. We've been driving Circuit City crazy But I think we are very very happy now! The picture is amazing. We are modding our entertainment system -- but it'll be worth it.
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