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"Available Seating" - Outside St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City 2007
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"Crossbones Arrangement II" - Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, 2007

"Dunes II" - Sahara Desert, Morocco, 2007

"Kate and the Caravan" - Sahara Desert, Morocco, 2007

"Silver Dunes" - Sahara Desert, Morocco, 2007

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^ Love the caravan shot. Great color and composition.
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thanks beerguy, I appreciate it!
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Some people really hate this 'effect', but I like it with this one.
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Great photos, Bull Moose! Love the caravan and the crossbones.

Most likely my final hummingbird shots this year:

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more of my firearm photography

WW1 rifle plus WW2 helmet (it's close enough to WW1) and a torn up bit of my backyard that represents the "no man's land"

and with a bit of photoshop
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Some of mine:

Full size hummingbird pic here: http://www.pbase.com/digifan/image/1...8/original.jpg
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Kin0kin, Awesome. Dripping sensuality.

Hubba hubba.
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Originally Posted by vagarach View Post
Agnostic, I saw that last pic and instantly thought about how it would look if the man were in silhouette. I have taken the liberty of bumping up the contrast and fiddling with the levels to try and get that look. There is some macroblocking, but iPhoto doesn't give you the control that photoshop allows.

I think it adds a bit of 'surrealness' to the image, like the birds are flying into the white nothingness and the man is looking on. I hope you like it, and I'll take this down lightning quick if you have any objections, Just pm me.
I have been trying to mess with the levels and contrast a bit too but didn't find the right mix. I will give it another try later. I think you're right it should be interesting to make the thing a bit more surreal.
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Art school

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Here's one i took a few weeks ago =]

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