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nice price
Denon DCP-150 on eBay (end time 10-Jan-10 18:05:17 GMT)

what a jerk
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Why is this a sticky if the first post isn't kept up to date?
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Panasonic Portable CD Player


with OPT line out
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i have Archos Jukebox Recorder , and a few coax cable, the coax/digital out is not work and there are no option for that, i think the hole is for digital input only
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disregard that
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Like this thread a lot! Thanks OP!

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Cowon V5 and V5W has digital out

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My panasonic DVD-L10 portable DVD player is the same size as a thick CD player and has optical out that works with the screen closed. Its an optical minijack

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the coby tfdvd7052 portable tablet dvd/cd/mp3 player is very compact and so cheap that even i can afford one .  this unit can be found at ebay or amazon or newegg for around $80 usd with free shipping .  unlike many portable dvd players that are flipped open like a small notebook computer the coby tfdvd7052 is a tablet form player and has a seven inch screen .  people buy these players to occupy their kids in the car ( as if kids need to watch even more video than they already do ) .  but i am interested in this player because i want to play standard audio cds or lengthy dvds with mp3s recorded on them .  correct me if i am wrong , but there are not very many battery operated dvd/cd players on the world market that also contain a spdif coaxial digital rca output plug on the side of the unit .  the coby has a spdif coaxial digital output jack which - according to the coby tech that i called - will output a digital pcm signal capable of interfacing with a normal spdif input jack like the one on the well received nuforce hdp dac + headphone amp .  and this is exactly what i intend to do .  i will soon buy a new nuforce hdp and also acquire the coby tfdvd7052 then plug the coby spdif jack into the nuforce hdp which i will use to drive my new sennheiser hd 598 audiophile headphones .  i am aware that the nuforce hdp does not run off battery power but can be run from a car battery hookup or some other dc voltage arrangement .  my only question is -- will the coby actually perform as the world's cheapest portable cd transport and output a decent enough spdif digital pcm signal at close to 16 bit / 44.1 k ?  does anybody know whether this hookup idea will work or even if it is worth the time and effort ?  the coby has its own analogue headphone jack in addition to the digital output which may be about as good as the signal can get given the obvious limitations of the inexpensive coby tfdvd7052 design .  my proposed portable rig will have higher aspirations of hi fidelity by using the coby in combination with the nuforce hdp to power my new sennheiser hd 598s -- which i haven't purchased yet because they are not available in the usa but will be very soon for around a price of $230 .  if anybody has tried a similar super cheap portable cd player with outboard dac/amp and headphones please offer me your valuable experience .  thank you .  here is the coby player's link which i think is a pretty cool little toy in its own right and will play movies to boot .  are there other portable battery powered units on the market that play audio cds / dvds and output a spdif digital signal ?  please let me know .  thanks .





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I wish a read the whole post first... instead just the first page. now Im stuck with four (4!) Sony d-ej 611 off ebay. I  was shopping like crazy goose trying to buy as many as I can for the future. what Im gonna do now :( 

seriously . please somebody hack the firs page and change that sony d-ej 611 does not have optical output period. 


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That's too bad.  I have four Sony PCDP with optical out that I'm never parting with (two still in the box), so they will last me a lifetime and maybe still be around for my son...

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Cowon D3 is S/PDIF capable with the right accessory cable.  It also does HDMI out supporting digital audio down that route as well.

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The FiiO X3 wil have coaxial digital out. cool.gif ksc75smile.gif

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Is there updated list anywhere on the site? 

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